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I bought the HP 5036A Microprocessor Lab on eBay UK after looking out for one for virtually 2 years. The distinctive cost was as soon as $800 in 1980. Here’s a coaching direction for microprocessor hardware, tool and troubleshooting. The 5036A is additionally required for testing the HP 5004A Signature Analyser, HP 5005A Signature Multimeter and the HP 1630D Logic Analyser.

Microprocessor Lab in a case

Might presumably presumably 2011

The 5036A is in very correct situation and easiest required an staunch lustrous-up and some minor injury objects repairing. Here’s a leisurely mannequin S/N 2212A version which has the case locking latches on the facet in attach of the entrance of the brown briefcase (earlier S/N was as soon as 1848A) and is total with a key.

The µP Board is held on a tray contained within the case by a plastic latch and 2 hinge clips. 4 screws take care of the tray to the case. The tray will also be lifted out nonetheless the µP Board is difficult wired to the Energy Offer Unit below. The PSU and its 2 mounting brackets will also be removed with one other 8 screws. The PSU has an On/Off Switch, Voltage Selector, Fuse and Energy CEE22 Connector. Energy connections to the µP Board are YL/WH +5V, BK/WH 0V, OR/WH +5V. Fitting an in-line energy connector for the dc supplies would be an staunch suggestion for ease of receive admission to and maintenance.

The 5036A comes total with a e book “Helpful Microprocessors, Hardware, Procedure and Troubleshooting” by Michael Slater and Barry Bronson (now available from Artek Media) which is kept in a pocket contained within the briefcase lid. This e book is the 4th printing of April 1981 and contains 454 pages.

Helpful Microprocessor Book

The e book contains 20 classes and assorted appendices. Discovering out this e book is supposed to total the following needs: a) Develop a supreme knowledge of microprocessor system hardware; b) Develop a overall figuring out of the tool that is mature to manipulate a microprocessor system; c) Be taught the blueprint in which the system uses this tool to form a wide form of operations; d) Utilize this knowledge to learn lustrous troubleshooting tactics that are applicable to any microprocessor system.

The 5036A utilises the Intel 8085 8-bit µP and additionally mentions its fresh Intel 8080, Zilog Z80, Motorola 6800, MOS 6500, Fairchild F8 and Texas TMS1000. Even though these are all now stale, the e book will present a purposeful µP refresher direction for me.

Microprocessor Board in ‘A’ physique and out of case

The 5036A was as soon as intended to be mature by reversing the lid of the case on the hinges to originate an ‘A’ physique and secured with a strap, or the pcb can merely be mature outside of the case, or correct mature within the underside half of of the case.

Microprocessor Board in case

January 2012

Performed Classes: 1 Introduction to Microprocessor Systems; 2 Number Systems; 3 Procedure Fundamentals; 4 Utilizing the Microprocessor Lab; 5 Frequent Procedure Concepts. All easy providing you’ve earlier skills with digital electronics.

Might presumably presumably 2012

Delayed by other initiatives, so had to revise Classes 1 to 5. Then finished Classes: 6 Interior The Microprocessor; 7 Frequent hardware Concepts; 8 Take care of Decoding; 9 Memories & Peripherals; 10 Administration Circuits; 11 Registers and Breakpoints; 12 The 8085 Instruction Procedure; 13 Procedure Create Ways; 14 Procedure Administration of Peripherals; 15 Number Representations and Algorithms; and 20 Microprocessor Detect. All any other time, these are all easy providing you’ve earlier skills with digital electronics, plus programming and arithmetic!

The rest classes 16 to 19 are smitten by pain-taking pictures tactics and take a look at instruments. These will receive a fast overview, nonetheless I will depart them until I of direction possess my unique bench and take a look at instruments available.

Furthermore incorporated within the Book are Appendices: A Alternate suggestions to Complications; B 8085A Instruction Procedure Reference; C Signature Tables; D Reading Logic Diagrams; E Demonstration and Utility Applications; F Microprocessor Lab ROM Itemizing; G Rising the Microprocessor Lab; H IC Recordsdata Sheets; plus a Notice list, Bibliography, Hardware Reference Diagrams, and a Rapid Reference Chart.

October 2019

Lastly bought round to finishing the classes!

Sorting out with Logic Probe and Logic Pulser

Sorting out with Signature Analyser

Lesson 17 covers Signature and Logic Analysers. I of direction possess mature a 10525T Logic Probe in attach of the 545A and a 10526T Logic Pulser in attach of a 546A. These are both fragment of my HP 5015T Logic Troubleshooting Kit.

It additionally requires a 547A Recent Tracer, which I create now not possess. This uses an inductive have-up at its tip which monitors fresh job on signal traces. The path of a caught node will also be traced to the fault. Most definitely a purposeful bit of take a look at equipment.

There possess been no specific experiments with a typical sense analyser, correct an explanation of the quite loads of advantages of inspecting the knowledge domain in accurate time.

Lesson 18 supplies overall knowledge on troubleshooting tactics with microprocessor primarily based completely mostly methods.

Lesson 19 covers troubleshooting the Microprocessor Lab. It supplies lustrous exams with removeable links to simulate faults.

Sorting out with Logic Analyser

There are three straightforward programs that can also be speed to swiftly take a look at the system:

Rocket Program – FETCH ADRS – 05F9 – RUN

Random Tone Generation – FETCH ADRS – 053E – RUN

Inviting Order Sample – FETCH ADRS – 055A – RUN

Press RESET to remain programs.


The HP 5036A Microprocessor Lab and its supporting documentation of direction is an supreme and successfully idea out finding out befriend. Even after some 40+ years, it’s some distance an purposeful direction in microprocessor hardware and power, a quantity of which is willing to accumulated be linked to fresh µP’s. Furthermore the 5036A supplies a convenient take a look at bed for exercising common sense diagnosis take a look at instruments.

Presumably I will receive to educate my Grandkids about microprocessors!

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