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How To Buy That Perfect PC For Yourself?

I got to think about this topic when I was talking to one of my friends, we both got into which pc he’s gonna buy after his 12th, so I got to know that there’s some misconception out there about which laptop or Desktop should a student buy and which will suit which purpose?

De-Fragmentation Doesn’t work here!

I will give a full explanation along with all details needed to hit that nail upon every other explanation and get your decision to a final point! – Which one to buy?

So continuing what is needed by today’s date students- I’m not gonna be dividing students based on their fields- Science, Commerce, and Arts, I will just be going through almost all kinds of personality types with different hobbies and interest and what specs they need for their next Dream PC!

Explained by interest and hobbies for all!

Considering your basic needs and interests I can create a table below for you- Also understand some basic meanings and notice that these components can vary depending upon your uses or budget.

For a low budget, individuals consider buying a system that is kind on your pockets and has empty sockets so it has more upgradability for the future so that it would be future proof and you may be able to upgrade it slowly to suit your needs.

Processor – Cores & Clock Speed

Photo by Niclas Illg on Unsplash

in a CPU there are some processing units that processes the input and gives output. Speed of that execution Depends solely on how many cores and clock speed it got. More Cores and the more Clocking Frequency/speed the merrier!

AMD has overwhelmed Intel (in certain regards): These days, you’ll for the most part get more for less with an AMD processor, remembering a decent for box cooler and more centers/strings. On the off chance that you essentially care about gaming, Intel still for the most part improves on 1080p gaming on certain titles (owing basically to higher timekeepers). What’s more, handles undertakings like video altering quicker. At many value focuses, insofar as you couldn’t care less just about gaming, AMD conveys more centers and general execution (in addition to PCIe 4.0 on its most recent chips), at a superior worth.

For some, workloads, clock speed is a higher priority than cores: Higher clock speeds mean snappier execution in basic, basic undertakings, for example, gaming, while more cores will assist you with traversing tedious outstanding tasks at hand quicker.

Get the most recent gen: You won’t set aside much cash over the long haul by going with a more established, past age chip except if that past age chip is a Ryzen that hasn’t been supplanted by a current 3000-arrangement part.

Spending plan for a full framework: Don’t match a solid CPU with powerless capacity, RAM and illustrations.

Additionally, as most parts of buyer tech, you’ll need to choose to purchase the best processor that is accessible at the present time, or hold back to perceive what cutting edge chips bring to the table. AMD’s Ryzen 3000 CPUs have kept on intriguing in general, while Intel keeps on repeating on its 14nm Skylake-based design. This implies regardless of value drops on a for each center premise, Intel’s Core i9-10900K isn’t too noteworthy, however the Core i5-10600K is substantially more engaging those basically worried about gaming and standard processing errands. All things considered, those Intel CPUs have been elusive in stock since dispatch, while awesome choices like the Ryzen 7 3700X and 3800X are promptly accessible and transport with in-box coolers. The 16-center Ryzen 9 3950X brings much more execution to the “standard” CPU market, effectively intriguing us more than Intel’s top-end standard 10900K.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

.Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Amount of RAM: This component is what that gives you the room to run processes and apps. The more RAM, the more heavier tasks you can perform without lagging your system because of RAM Bottlenecking (RAM Bottlenecking happens because of less available RAM in a given system.

Graphic card:

this is the component that nowadays is becoming more popular, because it provides you the visual fidelity which you see on your screen. this is what is needed to push those heavy game files or workstation applications frames onto your monitor or screen. Graphics card maybe a necessity for one but not for other person, depends upon uses. a person looking for just seeing videos and basic surfing on the internet may not need a separate graphics card. for him integrated graphics will also work as they are already preinstalled on your processor chip.

Go to the next page to see the ALL-IN-ONE Table made for all to understand who needs what & why?

However for students like me who love to suck every single frame out of their PC’s and want to run complex 3D programs or Develop something large, like video editing, game development, or playing games then graphics card is a must.

Notice these quantities can slightly change below for you depending upon your needs and usage, I have mentioned the most probable config for you’ll.

All details below can vary depending upon buyer and manufacturer* – Details below are given in respect to a perfect system for a particular use metioned in table based on a person’s interests.

CPU CoresRAMGraphics CardStorageUses/possible work doneProcessor ExamplesBudget
2-4 Cores Processor2gb-4gb RAM2gb-4gb Graphic card512gb-1TB HDDBasic Surfing, Moderate photo editing by using parallelly with a budget graphics card and an adequate amount of RAM. Pentium / Core 2 Duo – i3 / Ryzen 3$400-$550
4-6 Cores4GB-16GB4GB-6GB1TB HDD+120GB SSD / 512GB SSDCan handle some complex problems along with some medium-heavy gaming and can run many processes simultaneously. A sweet start for a person going for Coding or AI & ML.i3 / Ryzen 3 – i5 / Ryzen 5$550-$920
6-8 Cores16GB – 32GB6GB-11GB512SSD – 1TB SSDCreative media work like Heavy Video-Editing or Game Development or or overclocking i5 / Ryzen 5 – i7 / Ryzen 7$950-$1350
8-16 Cores Processor32GB – 128GB11GB – 16GB1TB SSD / 2TB SSDA Workstation Ready CPU– can do pretty almost any task easily just get a high clocked variant and you’re ready to do almost anything on that.i7 / Ryzen 7 – i9 / Ryzen 9 $1400$1600
16-32 Cores or more.128GB- 2TB or More16GB-98GB2TB+ SSD – Anywhere (depends upon need & budget)Full Functional Beast Workstation/ Server – can do anything, any work!Intel Xeon / AMD Threadrippers$10650+
all values are in approx. written so that you may find the sweet spot anywhere in between for your needs!

These readings will give you the most basic know-how of what you’ll need, for what purpose. Considering that you need to run this computer for at least 5 consecutive years, after all, you need some future-proofing also!

So i Think this Explanation explains all your doubts of what to buy, when and for what? – Thanks for reading!

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