How SaaS corporations inquire for in-app product feedback

How SaaS corporations inquire for in-app product feedback

Settle these examples peaceable all around the final 7 years

Product feedback helps you originate a SaaS product that folk in actuality desire. All people, from startups to established corporations, wants that feedback.

However how for those that no doubt obtain product feedback on your app? What questions diagram you inquire? And when’s a superior opportunity to inquire for feedback?

If you’re all in favour of set apart (or tweak) your hang customer feedback machine, this post is for you. It’s a huge record of examples of how pretty masses of SaaS corporations inquire for in-app product feedback from their potentialities. For comfort, we’ve grouped them by stage in the customer poke:

This record is special on tale of:

  • These are exact-life examples of how pretty masses of corporations—presumably even your opponents—are asking their customers about their skills and their wants.

  • These are examples from potentialities or customers of the app—i.e. after they logged in. It’s uncommon to seem these “in the wild”.

  • Not all potentialities see all requests for product feedback. These requests are frequently prompted by automation suggestions (“Expose these to unique customers”) or events (“This customer is churning”). So even even as you occur to stale an app, you might maybe well maybe also simply not see these.

  • We’ve peaceable this record for over 7 years.

So ya. We’re graceful overjoyed with this record. Let these examples be an inspiration to you.

Or exact straight-up expend them.

(Ps. If you’ve got your hang screenshots or examples you’d treasure to make contributions, tumble us a line. We’d admire to add extra. And even as you occur to originate tools that reduction with gathering in-app product feedback treasure this, also attain out—we’re pleased to link to you.)

How SaaS corporations obtain customer feedback forward of signal-up or decide

1. involves a pricing seek upright on their web put

Canny is a feature inquire machine machine for SaaS corporations. When my co-founder Ryan visited the pricing web page on Canny’s web put, there changed into as soon as a tab that invited him to rob half of their pricing seek: “Accumulate our seek — gain $10”.

When he clicked the tab, a popup box appeared with a lot of seek questions.

The seek questions integrated inquiring for name, electronic mail, title, and whether you’re a resolution-maker with admire to buying machine treasure Canny.

This extra or less seek of attainable potentialities forward of they signal-up is uncommon in my skills but can elicit excellent feedback. In this case, Canny changed into as soon as presumably ready to uncover about what folk ask with regards to the price of Canny. They’ll also simply even be ready to model the connection between price and signal-ups.

How SaaS corporations obtain customer feedback from unique potentialities on signal-up

2. asks unique signal-united stateswhat they ask from the app involves a short feedback ask upright of their signal-up form. It asks, “What diagram you ask from” This offers excellent information in regards to the intentions of their unique customers and what are their jobs to be performed.

3. Slack makes use of a post-decide seek and offers an incentive for filling it out

If you subscribe to Slack, they invite you to hang out their seek to reduction enlighten their product construction. They specify that this will possible most attention-grabbing be 6 questions and, in return for finishing it, they provide to present you with $100 in service credit.

Within the seek they inquire the following questions:

  • Your name

  • How gargantuan is your crew?

  • How many of us work at your organization?

  • What most attention-grabbing describes your fresh job?

  • What tools diagram you for the time being use for crew verbal substitute?

4. Bitbucket makes use of a seek to segment their unique signal-ups

After logging into Bitbucket for the main time, I purchased an invite to portion information about myself to “tailor my skills”. The questions I changed into as soon as given had been:

  • What describes your skills with provide take an eye on?

  • How many of us diagram you mediate you’ll work with on Bitbucket

  • What most attention-grabbing describes your feature?

  • What most attention-grabbing describes how you intend to use Bitbucket?

These are clearly designed to reduction Bitbucket establish which form of purchaser I’m and be ready to parse out pretty masses of forms of particular person feedback.

How SaaS corporations obtain product feedback all around the onboarding direction of

5. Savio makes use of a short-but-candy onboarding stagger along with the circulation

Savio solves about a considerations. We’ve tested about a gorgeous masses of onboarding programs to take a look at out to establish out what our particular person desires to diagram so we can present them essentially the most attention-grabbing skills. After you register, Savio asks you what you treasure to glean reduction with:

If you click on One thing else you gain a text input:

If you click on “Location up feedback out of your strengthen machine or CRM”, you enlighten Savio which tools you employ:

With that information, Savio customizes your customer skills. Since I’m a Savio co-founder, I will enlighten you that it’s worked successfully for us up to now!

6. Hubspot asks for feedback when onboarding steps are skipped

Clearly, the Product crew at Hubspot changed into as soon as searching to hang why onboarding steps purchased skipped. The most attention-grabbing manner to establish this out? Correct inquire, pointless to claim.


After I clicked “skip” on one amongst the onboarding steps, a popup appeared that requested a single ask with two radio buttons: “Why changed into as soon as this not excellent?” I can even originate a vary from “Not connected to me or my feature” or “Other”. I changed into as soon as also invited to add any additional information.

How SaaS corporations obtain product feedback while potentialities use the app

7. Segment’s Product Feedback Bar

Segment has a nifty manner to gain Product Feedback: they use a HelloBar-esque mechanism at the high of the web page:

If you click on it you gain a streamlined modal with the urged: “Any and all feedback, we’d admire to listen to it!”


8. Stripe asks for particular feedback after particular actions

If you consult with Stripe’s dashboard after you integrate with their API, the pop up a ask asking about your skills: Img

If you get rid of an option, you gain an opportunity to leave them qualitative feedback. The urged they use is, “Report us extra…”


9. Stripe makes use of an in-app feedback box on every web page

Right here is one amongst our favorites. It changed into as soon as pioneered (as a long way as I will enlighten) by Kissmetrics, whose early Product Manager Jason Evanish educated us it changed into as soon as a goldmine for product feedback.

Stripe has a feedback box on every web page:


If you click on it you gain a modal to ship feedback. The urged is, “Feedback about this web page?”


10. Stripe involves an in-app feedback seek about particular functions

Stripe continues to illustrate that they value feedback by including a short in-app seek particular to varied functions. Shall we swear, right here’s a short seek that popped up in regards to the Dashboard  skills:

Brooding in regards to the closing 30 days, diagram you mediate your skills with the Dashboard:

  • Improved.
  • Is in regards to the identical.
  • Bought worse.

If you respond the ask, they provide you with with a practice-up ask:

Right here’s one other example. Stripe makes use of error messages to reduction e book your use of their product. Beneath the error message, they’ve integrated a brief ask: “Used to be this excellent?” and the selections “Yes” or “no”.

If you click on “No”, they give a puny text box with the urged “How can also this perception be better?”

If you click on “Yes”, they practice up with, “Thank you for your feedback. If you can treasure reduction or glean any questions, please soak up mind contacting strengthen.”

11. Bitbucket asks for in-product feedback

Bitbucket has a successfully-known “Give Feedback” button on every web page of their app:


Clicking it brings up a modal where you might maybe well maybe also portion unheard of extra than easy feedback:


Asking for this unheard of information is a alternate-off: you’re going to gain fewer folk filling it out than even as you occur to stale Stripe’s feedback collector, but you’re going to gain extra customer pleasure information from the those that diagram rob the time.

12. Crystal collects feedback by a widget of their Chrome Extension

Crystal is an edifying machine to reduction the folk you work with, ought to rent or coach, or ought to promote to. One manner they obtain feedback is of their Chrome Extension—I’d by no manner viewed this forward of. They encompass a straightforward text box with the urged, “Report us what you watched Crystal.”

The Chrome Extension is one amongst their key products, so inquiring for feedback right here makes a ton of sense.

13. Mailgun collects feedback in-app the use of a button on every web page

Mailgun is a superior machine for delivering your app’s electronic mail. They use an in-app feedback sequence button:


Clicking it brings up a modal with the urged, “I’d treasure this web page to…”


Distinction this potential (which Bitbucket also makes use of) with Stripe’s. With Mailgun, it be not certain what clicking the Feedback button will diagram: it be tremendous that it be a straightforward modal, but it in total is a extra subtle form treasure Bitbucket’s.

Because Stripe presentations an input box in the UI, it items expectations that the particular person will exact ought to hang out a single field to post feedback. I’m guessing that that is a extra good potential to gain feedback on tale of the particular person is conscious of their commitment to ship feedback is low.

14. Zapier asks for feedback for those that vary to a undeniable version of a feature

Zapier launched a singular UI to edit “Zaps” (for those that stitch two tools collectively in a singular workflow). They give a mode to vary reduction to the “Classic” editor:


However for those that vary reduction Zapier asks why. They inquire, “What made you substitute reduction to the classic editor?” and glean a lot of choices you might maybe well maybe also take a look at off. They also glean an inaugurate-ended text box where you might maybe well maybe also add additional feedback.


Since it be so complex to gain qualitative feedback about whether unique functions are working with out in actuality talking to a customer, I bet this offers edifying feedback about what’s working (and what’s not) with the unique editor.

15. Zapier also invitations feedback by an in-app seek

Zapier also solicits feedback extra in total with a “Share Feedback” link that’s visible for those that’re creating Zaps.

If you click on it, a short in-app seek pops up. It asks you to complete the assertion: “My skills with the Zapier editor has been…” and then offers a lot of choices for your chance, from “Tainted” to “Large”, inquisitive about usability and customer pleasure. It also has a text box where you might maybe well maybe also leave additional feedback.

16. Dropbox makes use of an in-browser pleasure seek to assess sentiment

I use Dropbox to store many files, including asynchronous videos that I sent to colleagues. That you might maybe get videos from Dropbox, but you might maybe well maybe also also see as much as the main 15 minutes of the videos the use of their preview feature.

Dropbox stale a short in-browser seek to inquire how I feel in regards to the preview feature. They requested the ask, “How pleased are you with this file preview?” The responses had been 5 face icons with pretty masses of ranges of unfavourable and possible emotions.

17. Shortcut (formerly Clubhouse) makes use of a cell seek to assess how particular person skills is on the cell app

Clubhouse, now Shortcut, has a cell app. After I logged into Clubhouse on my phone the use of an web browser pretty than the app, they requested why.

They stale the ask, “What are your suggestions on the Android and iOS apps for Clubhouse?” The possible responses integrated:

  • I wasn’t attentive to them

  • I’m not that

  • I use them

  • They don’t recover

  • I capture the use of my phone browser for extra/better functions

  • I don’t work on my phone

18. Shortcut also collects feedback of their web app

Within the Shortcut app, they stale a brief, one-ask popup seek to gain extra information about their customers. The urged changed into as soon as:

Hey! Sorry to bother you. Would possibly well well presumably also you swear us what most attention-grabbing describes what you diagram? This can also simply reduction us better realize who’s the use of Clubhouse, that can also simply reduction us originate the product better. If you’d pretty not swear, that’s graceful too. Thanks!

The possible responses had been:

  • Engineering

  • Product Administration

  • Founder / CEO

  • Make

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Customer Toughen / Customer Success

  • Other

Glance that they’ve integrated an motive for why they’re inquiring for the information and how the particular person might maybe well maybe maybe support (making the product better). It’s somewhat longer text, than others, but it’ll also pay off in the next response rate.

19. Shortcut also has popups to gain feedback in regards to the use of explicit functions

I changed into as soon as the use of Shortcut and I left a comment in a label. After the comment changed into as soon as saved, a box popped up asking me, “Enact you’ve got any feedback on Memoir Feedback?”

The textbox integrated the urged, “What diagram you treasure and abominate? What improvements would you treasure to seem?”

20. Xero asks for particular person sentiment and feedback

Xero involves a short sentiment questionnaire at the bottom of every web page. The one ask is, “General, how are you feeling about Xero?” You utilize three face icons, every with a undeniable, just, or unfavourable emotion to illustrate how you’re feeling. If you get rid of an icon, a 2d box pops up: “Would you treasure to ship us some feedback?”

21. Kissmetrics has a feedback widget in the footer of their app

Kissmetrics cares about feedback so unheard of that they’ve integrated a feedback widget in the footer of their app that’s readily out there on every web page.

It’s simply a text box with the urged, “How diagram we originate this web page better for you?”

22. Hey Bar identifies reasons for not the use of their products by an electronic mail seek

Hey Bar desires to perceive why you don’t use a bar that you created. So they ship you an electronic mail with a straightforward seek and inquire.

The ask is, “Please click on one amongst the selections under to enlighten us why you didn’t set up Hey Bar”. The decisions are:

  • Didn’t meet my expectations

  • I had distress installing it

  • I don’t glean a web put

  • Not ready to set up

  • Other

23. StackShare makes use of a feedback collector icon on every web page

StackShare makes use of a ask price icon on every web page to enable customers to present fixed feedback. If you click on the ask price icon, a box looks with the urged, “Give feedback or inquire for reduction.” They also encompass a link that claims, “Again us near to a resolution what to add next.”

StackShare has joined inquiring for reduction and giving feedback into one skills, which I’m not certain I treasure. It looks treasure that chance changed into as soon as for his or her hang ease, pretty than for the benefit of their potentialities.

Also demonstrate that the box involves “Powered by UserVoice”.

24. SendGrid makes use of an electronic mail practice-up sequence to solicit feedback after customers originate an NPS seek comment

SendGrid is an electronic mail transport service, so it makes sense that they use electronic mail to solicit feedback. They use the following electronic mail sequence.

First, SendGrid sends you an electronic mail where they solicit a rep promoter rating. You rate whether you can refer SendGrid to a buddy or colleague on a scale from 1 to 10.

After deciding on the rating you are taken to a web web page where you might maybe well maybe also add a comment.

If you add a comment you receive an electronic mail asking for a practice-up name to divulge about your feedback in extra detail. The electronic mail lets you configure the time by Calendly.

25. FullStory placed a seek on their dashboard to gain suggestions for excellent recordsdata visualizations

Beneath your record of sessions in FullStory, there are a series of visualizations of session recordsdata. These are known as “Searchies” on tale of every of the visualizations is comfortable to a given search or segment that you’re viewing. FullStory placed a seek on their dashboard to reduction gain suggestions about pretty masses of Searchies that can also simply be excellent.

The ask they requested changed into as soon as, “What extra or less insights would you treasure to seem with Searchies?” They also integrated a dropdown box where you might maybe well maybe also demonstrate which job feature the Searchie would encourage.

How SaaS corporations obtain product feedback from their changelog

26. Salesmachine involves a feedback box of their changelog.

Salesmachine involves a feedback box upright of their changelog. This offers customers with a consistent manner to diagram their feedback on unique functions as they’re turning into attentive to them.

They encompass three face icons with certain, just, and unfavourable emotions. Users get rid of these icons to illustrate how they feel. There will possible be a text box with the urged, “Give us your feedback.”

27. asks for feedback of their liberate notes machine publishes liberate notes for unique variations of their app. On the bottom of the liberate notes they encompass the text, “Share your suggestions and questions” and then present an electronic mail take care of and their Twitter care for.

How SaaS corporations obtain feedback on attainable unique functions

28. StackShare solicits particular person input to reduction near to a resolution what to originate next

Prioritizing unique functions is presumably essentially the most complex task of Product groups. StackShare, the use of UserVoice, solves that enlighten by offering its customer injurious a vary between two functions.

In a popup, they inquire their customers, “What ought to we add next?” and fresh two possible functions. Users can rob one amongst the selections, post their very hang idea for unique functions, skip the chance, or ship feedback in a message to StackShare. 

This feels treasure an efficient manner to gain A/B sorting out metrics with out in actuality doing an A/B take a look at.

29. Style Studio makes use of development pages as an opportunity for feature balloting

Style Studio is an audio and video enhancing machine. Users glean to wait as their challenge renders. Particularly all over long-working batch video rendering, customers might maybe well maybe furthermore be waiting a well-known length of time. Style Studio makes use of this wait time to present customers the opportunity to vote on attainable unique functions.

They fresh a lot of functions that customers can vote for and also allow customers to inquire a singular feature in-line.

30. YNAB makes use of a feedback widget to inquire about product functions and changes

YNAB makes use of popups to inquire about unique functions with its customers. It then enables customers to make a vary emojis that divulge how they feel in regards to the unique feature.

Shall we swear, in a pop-up, they display cover that they glean got heard that the colors they use originate it complex for some folk to be taught text. Users can then originate a vary from three emoticons whether they capture to glean unique colors or not.

How SaaS corporations obtain feedback on beta functions

31. Shopify solicits feedback about unique functions the use of an in-app Test

When Shopify changed the need that customers can filter transactions, they in-built the approach to present feedback. They integrated a link at the high of the transaction web page to “Share Feedback”.

When clicked, a seek pops up that asks about your skills the use of the unique feature. It has three multiple-chance questions and a single inaugurate-ended ask at the bottom.

The form it brings up is reasonably enthusiastic that can well maybe end some customers from filling it out. However (I believe) it offers extremely excellent feedback for the Product crew

Report that it even calls out that the shape is for Product Feedback, not Toughen:


I believe the crew learned the not easy manner to diagram a mode for folk needing Toughen to gain it with out Product having to route requests to the Toughen crew from forms treasure these.

32. Calendly collects feedback on beta functions

When Calendly launched their Schedules feature in beta, they had been careful to solicit feedback on the blueprint it works. On the bottom of the web page, they’d a button that said, “Again us originate improvements to schedules by giving us your feedback.”

Report the bottom of the web page:

Clicking the link took customers to a TypeForm seek. The seek asks about how customers would use Schedules, whether it’s excellent, and how they’ll originate the feature better.

33. GitHub asks for feedback on beta functions in a public dialogue board

GitHub exact released a singular interface to reduction builders navigate their pull inquire interface.  They also added a callout to inquire for feedback on it:

If you click on the Give Feedback link you’re taken to a public GitHub dialogue about how the feature might maybe well maybe furthermore be made better.

Report that public discussions aren’t for everyone.  If you treasure to glean to have feedback from non-public channels treasure your Toughen machine and CRM, give Savio a seek.

How SaaS corporations obtain particular person feedback on their web sites and recordsdata injurious

34. HubSpot asks for feedback on their recordsdata injurious and product documentation

HubSpot is a boom juggernaut. Segment of the motive it’s so good can also very successfully be that they on a standard basis inquire their customers what they non-public the boom.

Shall we swear, on their recordsdata injurious articles, they glean got a brief ask to shut to a resolution sentiment about how priceless customers think their boom is:

After you get rid of a smiley face icon, they give a text box asking how they’ll give a boost to the article.

Presumably, this feedback helps e book their product marketing and marketing and marketing and boom advent direction of. I give it some idea’s very excellent.

35. StackShare collects feedback on which boom customers would treasure to seem

StackShare helps customers originate a vary from tools by offering complete comparisons. Usually they don’t glean a without delay comparability between these two products. Shall we swear, after I searched for a comparability between SendGrid vs. Postmark, I didn’t uncover a comparability. However they’d a button that said, “Safe reduction deciding on one amongst these.”

After I clicked it, a display cover cover equivalent to a bootstrap modal popped up:

  1. It tells you they don’t glean the boom that you’re having a search for

  2. It asks you even as you occur to treasure to glean to be notified after they diagram and collects your electronic mail take care of

  3. It offers you a record of checkboxes for specifics they mediate you might maybe well maybe presumably desire in this option

  4. And it offers a button to post

It’s attention-grabbing there might maybe be not the form of thing as a free-form text. In my peep, there most certainly ought to be. Free form text containers present you with the qualitative recordsdata it be well-known to balance out the quantitative.

36. Shopify asks for feedback about their electronic mail in an in-electronic mail seek

Shopify sends its customers emails to update them on their sales statistics. In those emails, Shopify also solicits feedback in regards to the emails themselves.

Shall we swear, in the under electronic mail, Shopify asks, “If you’ve got a minute, swear us what you mediate about this electronic mail.” They glean got two choices you might maybe well maybe also get rid of: a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

If you click on the thumbs up or thumbs down icon, you are directed to the following display cover cover:

37. Tiller makes use of Intercom to enable customers to vote for unique functions and inquire notifications for those unique functions

Tiller makes use of Intercom to take watch over their customer strengthen. They customarily enlighten their potentialities of unique functions or changes in feature availability.

Shall we swear, under, I purchased a message informing me that Tiller will not be any longer supporting banks from the EU. The message involves thumbs up and thumbs down emojis so as that customers can demonstrate whether they would perchance treasure to be contacted when those functions are readily out there.

How SaaS corporations obtain particular person feedback from churned potentialities

38. ROMWOD’s cancellation stagger along with the circulation is designed for soliciting feedback and lowering churn

ROMWOD has one amongst essentially the most attention-grabbing cancellation flows that I’ve viewed. It has a sequence of functions that are designed to present a boost to retention, and others that obtain well-known customer feedback.

First, they record the functions that you’ll lose by cancelling. Subsequent to that, they provide for you to rob a damage pretty than cancelling, which would wait on you to skip your next payment.

Subsequent, they inquire you particular questions about why you’re cancelling. They inquire you why you’re cancelling, what you are planning to use as an different, whether you’re inclined to shut reduction reduction, and any pretty masses of feedback you’ve got.

A superior feature is that every motive for leaving is tied to a customized provide to wait on you attach. Shall we swear, even as you occur to claim that ROMWOD changed into as soon as too expensive, they provide to present you with 50% off the fleshy price for three months.

Right here is a superior example of guidelines on how to fabricate information out of your churned potentialities while also boosting retention.

39. Mailstrom requires customers to complete a seek forward of they damage

Mailstrom also makes use of a cancellation seek, though it’s less enthusiastic than ROMWOD’s. They simply inquire you to make a vary one motive for leaving forward of you might maybe well maybe also verify your cancellation.

40. has a search for customers who downgrade their idea

When customers rob to downgrade their idea, they’re sent to a downgrade stagger along with the circulation.

The stagger along with the circulation begins by explaining what you’ll lose by downgrading to a lower idea.

It then asks you to time desk a name with the Toughen crew. Right here is positively an opportunity for them to have your feedback about why you’re leaving.

Subsequent, you are taken to a web page where you’re requested for the motive for downgrading your idea and any pretty masses of information you’d treasure to portion. A strengthen window also pops up so as that you might maybe well maybe also give feedback by chat.

41. Segment has a search for customers who downgrade their idea

Segment lets you downgrade to a free idea from a paid idea.

If you defend to downgrade your idea in Segment, they display cover what the boundaries of the unique idea will most certainly be.

Then they inquire for your feedback to display cover why the paid idea didn’t work for you.

42. MarketMuse makes use of a get rid of-reduction stagger along with the circulation that solicits customer feedback

If you damage a idea from MarketMuse, you are led by a get rid of-reduction stagger along with the circulation.

First, they inquire you even as you occur to treasure to glean to seem pretty masses of idea choices that can well maybe swimsuit you better.

If you defend to “Glance pretty masses of choices”, they demonstrate you their cheaper plans.

If you defend “Delete My Story” as an different, you gain a short seek that asks why you’re canceling your idea.

If you swear price is the motive you’re canceling, they provide to illustrate you their cheaper plans again.

If you swear that it’s complex to use, they provide to rob you to assets to be taught to use it better and also present you with the opportunity to present feedback.

If you defend to present them some feedback, you gain a free text box. The urged is, “How can also we wait on you extra?”

If you demonstrate that there’s missing functionality, they again point you in direction of studying assets and inquire for feedback.

If you swear that you’re deciding on one other product, they again inquire for feedback.

And at closing, even as you occur to claim that there’s some pretty masses of motive, they inquire for feedback.

If you swear that you’re ready to stagger, they provide you with with one closing likelihood to attach.

43. Ahrefs cancellation direction of involves a feedback form

Ahrefs has a identical cancellation direction of to the others above. If you damage, they first inquire if one thing is unpleasant and point you in direction of strengthen. They also inquire that you verify that you agree that your tale and recordsdata will most certainly be deleted.

Subsequent, they inquire you why you’re cancelling. They use an inaugurate-ended ask and require that customers enter as a minimal about a phrases explaining why they’re cancelling.

44. YNAB has a short cancellation stagger along with the circulation that solicits feedback

Unlike the above apps, YNAB asks for feedback after they damage your subscription. They inquire two questions: why you cancelled and even as you occur to had additional comments.

45. WP Engine has a short cancellation seek

Before you might maybe well maybe also damage or downgrade your WP Engine subscription, you’re requested to allow them to know why you’re cancelling.

If you swear that you treasure to glean to downgrade, they rob you to a web page that explains their plans.  

If you defend one other motive, they inquire you to present extra puny print.

46. Intercom makes use of a short cancellation seek

If you defend to damage your subscription in the Intercom app, you are requested for some feedback to reduction them realize their customer wants.

If you get rid of that “Intercom doesn’t present ample value or functions”, you are given a 2d space of questions.

Each radio chance is connected with a practice-up ask. Shall we swear, if on step 1 you defend “We loved Intercom” you see this:

If you get rid of a radio, an input drops down inquiring for extra particular feedback. Lastly, in step 3, you are requested even as you occur to’re transferring to a undeniable machine.

47. 1Password has a short cancellation seek

After cancelling your subscription and deleting your tale, 1Password asks why you deleted your tale. They glean got a lot of choices and you’re going to also rob multiple.

48. Again Scout has a short cancellation seek

After cancelling a idea, Again Scout asks its customers about customer skills.

If you click on on the hyperlinks, a singular tab opens where you might maybe well maybe also enlighten them extra about your respond. Shall we swear, even as you occur to claim Again Scout is missing functions, it asks you which functions are well-known to you.

They also present you with the likelihood to elaborate and provide extra feedback.

49. FormAPI (now DocSpring) Cancellation Test

Assist in the day, for those that damage your FormAPI subscription (it’s now DocSpring), they ship an electronic mail confirming your tale has been suspended. In that electronic mail, you’re invited to diagram your feedback.

Clicking a link takes you to a web page where you might maybe well maybe also elaborate on your feedback.

I in actuality reached out to inquire the founding father of FormAPI about his feedback stagger along with the circulation and why he chose to set apart it that manner. Right here’s what he says about it:

50. Calendly has a brief 2-ask downgrade form

If you downgrade your tale on Calendly, they provide you with with a short pop-up informing you when your paid idea will discontinue. They also inquire you to hang out two questions:

  1. Motive in the reduction of downgrading

  2. Anything you’d treasure to portion

51. Productboard solicits feedback from slothful customers by electronic mail

Productboard is a feature inquire monitoring machine for B2B SaaS groups. If you register for a trial but then develop into slothful, they ship an electronic mail asking why the product wasn’t working for you.

If you click on a link for one amongst the selections, you’re taken to a Google Safe that asks you questions connected to your chance.

They encompass an inaugurate-ended ask to present you with an opportunity to ship additional feedback. They also wait on you to decide-in to perceive when the feature you inquire turns into readily out there.

52. Sew Labs has a cancellation seek

Sew Labs is now fragment of Square. However when it changed into as soon as its hang entity, it requested for about a pieces of feedback by its cancellation stagger along with the circulation. If you chose to damage your tale, you will possible be requested your foremost motive for leaving.

If you get rid of your foremost motive, a lot of connected sub-reasons would seem as radio buttons. You also had the opportunity to portion additional feedback.

Bonus appendix: How non-SaaS corporations obtain particular person feedback from churned potentialities

I’m a gargantuan fan of studying what works inaugurate air SaaS and all in favour of whether it’d work for a SaaS commercial. In that spirit, right here’s some examples from pretty masses of online corporations that we mediate can also also work for SaaS.

53. Alibris has a post-decide customer seek

Alibris sells books, textbooks, movies and tune. After you originate a decide show, they invite you to rob a search for an opportunity to get rid of $25.

If you click on “Proceed” you are taken to a seek machine where you’re requested to sing your buying behaviour and rate your pleasure along with your skills.

Subsequent, they inquire you to hang in a bunch of demographic information.

Lastly, you’re requested to portion any pretty masses of comments you’ve got in regards to the skills.

If you post the seek, you hang on your contact puny print to receive the prize they offered.

They also originate you mindful that they’ll ship a practice-up seek in about a days to inquire even as you occur to are happy along with your show transport.

And, as promised, about a days later, that seek finds its manner to your inbox.

54. Shining asks how you heard about them

After signing up for Shining (formerly TransferWise), they inquire a single brief ask: How did you hear about TransferWise?

55. Amazon solicits feedback by their in-web page reduction/onboarding machine

Within the Amazon seller central platform, Amazon has integrated a Again machine. In that machine, additionally they present the opportunity to portion feedback with a urged “Bought feedback? Report us what you mediate.”

As you space up your tale, additionally they glean an onboarding guidelines for you to work by. On that guidelines, they give a link to present feedback.

56. Airbnb involves an in-app seek to have particular person feedback

Airbnb makes use of a pop-up on its web app to ask customers to diagram feedback by a seek.

The seek is 9 questions long, but they encompass two questions about every web page, lowering the sensation of burden for the particular person. Each ask might maybe well maybe furthermore be answered the use of a scale from 1 to 5. The size has text under it to wait on you elaborate the number.

The seek asks about how easy or complex it is to diagram pretty masses of tasks in the app.

They also inquire about how you’re feeling in regards to the use of the app.

They discontinue with an inaugurate-ended ask asking how the app can also very successfully be improved.

Safe reduction gathering customer feedback

We hope these examples encourage you to mediate creatively about guidelines on how to gain the feedback it be well-known to e book your product roadmap and originate one thing your potentialities admire.

At Savio, feedback is our jam. So attain out and swear us if we can reduction.

Desire a feedback machine to store and arrange your complete feedback? No manner—that’s literally what Savio does! Register for a free trial and rob it for a whisk.

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Kareem is a co-founder at Savio. He is been prioritizing customer feedback professionally since 2001. He likes tea and tea snacks, and dislikes refraining from drinking quite a lot of tea snacks.

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