How Many People In The World Use Mug And Bucket for Bathing? And Some Facts About Sanitation!

While Bathing today in the morning, a random thought came into my mind, that like me, how many people does use Shower or else Mug and Bucket for Bathing in the world?

So now, I have gathered some bathing statistics, that is, how people around the globe bath? Atleast i tried this only, but can’t find any statistic, so the conclusion is some of the Eastern countries including India, here majority of people use bucket and mug for Bathing. (My own knowledge)



According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a full bathtub requires about 70 gallons of water, while taking a five-minute shower uses 10 to 25 gallons. You might argue that very few people fill the tub to the top, but a simple calculation shows that either way, bath tubs use more water.



Shower uses less water.The answer depends on the size of the bucket and the efficiency of the shower-head but shower uses less water when compared between the two. According to estimates, most people use about 50 litres of water for a bath i.e. 2 buckets of water approximately.

Also, One bath in bathtub uses 265 litres of water, according to U.S. (EPA).

One More Doubt, Correct Posture Sitting in Toilet is?


Sit or squat?

Both types of toilets were used during the Han Dynasty (206BC–220AD), and there have been regional differences within China in this preference, although the squatting variety now predominates in public toilets nationwide.

Even today, it’s estimated that two-thirds of the world squats

Even today, it’s estimated that two-thirds of the world squats. Yet many Westerners remain resistant to a model that’s arguably more logical and more convenient than the porcelain throne. Consider that a majority of British women have admitted to crouching or hovering in public toilets in order to avoid direct contact with the seats. The squat toilet neatly avoids excessive bum-to-seat intimacy.

Anatomically, squatting is the better posture too, as the angle allows for smoother passage. Bowel movements are faster and less straining is involved. This doesn’t even get into the many health benefits of squatting in general – a practice (and display) of strength and flexibility where elderly Chinese generally put young white folks to shame.

Kid Reading while Pooping😂😂😂

Americans have turned this longer toilet time into a form of leisure. There’s a large market for books to read while sitting on the toilet, which generally involves trivia, short stories or jokes.

I considered Many articles online and views of many writers, so some people fall in the range of preferring shower over Bucket for saving water while others say it opposite. However, from my point of view it depends on the real life situations, that is how big is the Bucket or how much time do we bath?

Now Some Facts

  • An average person visits the toilet 2500 times a year. About 6-8 times a day. We spend about 3 years of our lives in the toilet.
  • Suppression of urination due to dirty toilets can lead to kidney and bladder diseases. In order to avoid visiting public toilets, some people refrain from drinking liquids and suffer from dehydration.
  • 2.6 billion people do not have access to even a basic toilet.
  • Only 7% of Afghanistan homes have flush toilets. Nineteen percent, however, have TVs.
  • The average life expectancy of a toilet is 50 years.
  • Pomegranates with studs of clovers were used as the first toilet air-fresheners.
  • In the Middle Ages, moss and leaves were used for toilet paper.
  • Most homes in the Middle Ages had no toilets – there was a midden, or dung heap in the yard, and people just added to it when necessary. The prettily named Maiden Lane, of which there are many in the UK, is a reference not to a young girl, but to a place where there was a dung heap. These lanes should actually have been called ‘Midden Lane’. – Source: health24

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