Heaps: A free, open-offer and gruesome-platform sport engine

Heaps: A free, open-offer and gruesome-platform sport engine

Right here is one more artful merchandise!!

Heaps.io is a worn gruesome platform graphics engine designed for excessive performance games.It is designed to leverage popular GPUs which could be ceaselessly available on each and every desktop and cellular devices.

2D and 3D accelerated graphics

2D and 3D sport engine

At its core, Heaps is built to spice up each and every 2D and 3D environments.

Contaminated platform compilation

One offer code that compiles natively to the platform you’d like!

Easy to salvage began

Clean entirely customizable for excessive dwell graphics.

Snappy bring together-and-urge cycle

By no plot wait greater than a couple of seconds to construct your challenge.

GPU accelerated

Useless to claim! And it in actual fact works for each and every 2D and 3D.

Contaminated platform GPU Shader system

Evolved effects made straightforward & globally acceptable.

Paunchy controller enhance

That comprises mouse, keyboard and gamepad enhance.

File codecs enhance

PNG, JPG, FBX, OGG, and plenty others.

It is free

Fancy in actual fact free: no revenue portion and no hidden price.

Getting began

To make use of Heaps.io, or no longer it’s mandatory to install Haxe 3.4+

haxelib install heaps

Be taught extra

Commence Provide

Heaps.io is free and open offer, with a huge and supportive community pushing its mutter and evolution.Truly feel free to make a contribution, take a look at essentially the most popular construct and don’t forget to megastar us on Github!


A kindly API with several purposes

The Heaps.io API is produced from several toolkits, particularly:

  • h2d worn for 2D deliver (for 2D games and individual interfaces)
  • h3d worn for rendering 3D units
  • hxd contains gruesome platform courses and a complete helpful resource loading and management framework
  • hxsl is the Haxe Shader Language implementation

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