Having seen 10 years of Manmohan Singh and 7 years of Narendra Modi, who do you think is a better PM?

Apart from the personalities, the issue of dissent is more relevant here, I feel.

Image : Mint

During the UPA Government that was led by Mr. Manmohan Singh, people can air their grievances in a forceful way. It was called protest or dissent. The BJP went even many steps ahead and sent bangles to the Prime Minister in protest. Though it was in bad taste, that was considered as a form of protest.

Now, the criticism on the government’s action are seen as criticism of the country. The BJP people react in that way. This is not democracy. If there is an opinion, the BJP comes out with the words like sedition, terrorism, anti-national, pro-pakistan etc.

In these terms, the UPA Government was better.

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