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Have You Been Lied? Do You Really Exhale CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2)?

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We all know that we breathe Oxygen aka Air which has a composition as follows:

 20.95% of Oxygen

 0.04% of Carbon dioxide

78.09% Nitrogen

0.93% Argon

Small Amounts Of Other Gases

After adding all up it makes Air which we breathe, what’s new in that? Here comes the new thing:

We have been told from our childhood that we breathe Air aka Oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide, but do you know – what’s the real deal here? The fact is what we exhale is only 4.4% of Carbon Dioxide! rest is all other gases being 16.4% of oxygen 4.4% carbon dioxide and other gases.

So as we now know that we only exhale 4.4% carbon dioxide out of 100% and rest 95.6% are other gases then why do we always say, that we exhale carbon dioxide??!

Look i also don’t really know why do we say and teach others in this same oldschool manner. However, i would like to ask to my readers (you) –

  1. What do you think about this? Do you know this fact before?
  2. If you know why do we say that we exhale carbon dioxide, although we only exhale it 4.4% out of 100, then why?

Comment Below If you know the answers!

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