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Google Wave, later known as Apache Wave, was a software framework for real-time collaborative editing online. Originally developed by Google and announced on May 28, 2009,[1][2][3] it was renamed to Apache Wave when the project was adopted by the Apache Software Foundation as an incubator project in 2010. Wave is a web-based computing platform and…

Google Wave

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Google Wave, later is known as Apache Wave, became a utility framework for proper-time collaborative editing on-line. Before the whole lot developed by Google and offered on Could perhaps maybe well also merely 28, 2009,[1][2][3] it became renamed to Apache Wave when the mission became adopted by the Apache Method Basis as an incubator mission in 2010.

Wave is a internet-basically based completely completely computing platform and communications protocol designed to merge key functions of communications media, equivalent to email, on the spot messaging, wikis, and social networking.[4] Communications utilizing the machine can also additionally be synchronous or asynchronous. Method extensions provide contextual spelling and grammar checking, automatic language translation[2] and an excellent deal of functions.[5]

In the origin launched finest to developers, a preview free up of Google Wave became extended to 100,000 users in September 2009, every allowed to invite further users. Google accredited most requests submitted beginning November 29, 2009, soon after the September extended free up of the technical preview. On Could perhaps maybe well also merely 19, 2010, it became launched to the same old public.[6]

On August 4, 2010, Google offered the suspension of stand-by myself Wave development and the intent of placing forward the procure predicament no longer less than for the rest of the 300 and sixty five days,[7] and on November 22, 2011, offered that existing Waves would develop into read-finest in January 2012 and all Waves might perhaps be deleted in April 2012.[8] Construction became handed over to the Apache Method Basis which began to fabricate a server-basically based completely completely product called Wave in a Box.[9][10][11] Apache Wave never reached a plump free up and became discontinued on January 15, 2018.[12]

Historic previous[edit]

Starting up set of title[edit]

The science fiction television sequence Firefly offered the foundation for the mission’s title.[13] In the sequence, a wave is an electronic conversation, in most cases consisting of a video call or video message.[13] All throughout the developer preview, a dedication of references had been made to the sequence, equivalent to Lars Rasmussen replying to a message with “spirited”, a be conscious utilized in the sequence to intend frigid or pleasant, and the fracture message of Wave being a preferred quotation from the sequence: “Curse your surprising but inevitable betrayal!”[2][14] One more general error message, “The entirety’s spirited, Cap’n. No longer to stress!” is a quote from Kaylee Frye in the 2005 motion-describe Firefly continuation, Serenity, and it’s matched with a signal declaring that “This wave is experiencing some turbulence and might perhaps well well explode. Whenever you bag no longer must explode…” which is one other reference to the outlet of the movie.

All through an tournament in Amsterdam, Netherlands,[15] it grew to develop into apparent that the 60-solid personnel that became then working on Wave in Sydney used Joss Whedon-connected references to drawl, among others, the sandbox version of Wave called Dollhouse after the TV-sequence by Firefly producer Joss Whedon, which became aired on Fox in the U.S. The advance of external extensions became codenamed “Serenity”, after the spaceship utilized in Firefly and Serenity.

Free Method[edit]

Google launched numerous the provision code as free utility,[2] allowing the public to fabricate its functions through extensions.[2] Google allowed third events to invent their beget Wave products and providers (be it non-public or industrial) because it wished the Wave protocol to interchange the email protocol.[2][16][17] In the origin, Google became the finest Wave service provider, but it absolutely became hoped that an excellent deal of service providers would beginning their beget Wave products and providers, perhaps designing their beget unparalleled internet-basically based completely completely purchasers as is general with many email service providers. The chance additionally existed for native Wave purchasers to be made, as demonstrated with their CLI-basically based completely completely console client.[18]

Google launched preliminary free utility ingredients of Wave: [19]

  1. the operational transformation (OT) code,
  2. the underlying wave model, and
  3. a general client/server prototype that uses the wave protocol

To boot, Google offered some ingredient about later phases of the free utility free up: [18]

  1. wave model code that can also be a simplified version of Google’s manufacturing code and is tied to the OT code; this code will evolve into the shared code depraved that Google will utilize and expects that others will too
  2. a checking out and verification suite for individuals who must enact their beget implementation (as an instance, for porting the code to an excellent deal of languages)


Google Wave became a brand original Internet communications platform. It became written in Java utilizing OpenJDK and its internet interface used the Google Internet Toolkit. Google Wave labored love old messaging techniques equivalent to email and Usenet, but in region of sending a message along with its whole thread of old messages, or requiring all responses to be saved in one and all’s inbox for context, message paperwork (known as waves) that have whole threads of multimedia messages (blips) had been perpetually saved on a central server. Waves had been shared with collaborators who can also be added or eliminated from the wave at any point all over a wave’s existence.

Waves, described by Google as “equal ingredients conversation and doc“, had been hosted XML paperwork that allowed seamless and low latency concurrent adjustments.[20] Any participant of a wave can also answer wherever all over the message, edit any section of the wave, and add contributors at any point in the technique. Every edit/answer became a blip and users can answer to individual blips within waves. Recipients had been notified of adjustments/replies in all waves by which they had been inspiring and, upon opening a wave, can also review those adjustments in chronological say. To boot, waves had been dwell. All replies/edits had been considered in proper-time, letter-by-letter, as they had been typed by the an excellent deal of collaborators. Extra than one contributors can also edit a single wave concurrently in Google Wave. Thus, waves can also feature no longer finest as e-mails and threaded conversations but additionally as an on the spot messaging service when many contributors had been on-line on the same time. A wave can also commonly shift roles between email and on the spot messaging reckoning on the dedication of users editing it on the same time as. The flexibility to construct messages as they are typed can also be disabled, a lot like old on the spot messaging.[4]

The flexibility to regulate a wave at any region let users type collaborative paperwork, edited in a components a lot like wikis. Waves can also with out effort hyperlink to an excellent deal of waves. In numerous respects, it became a more evolved forum.[21] It can also be read and known to exist by finest one person, or by two or more and might perhaps well well additionally be public, readily available in the market for reading and writing to all people on the Wave.

The history of every wave became saved within it. Collaborators can also utilize a playback feature to explore the say by which it became edited, blips that had been added, and who became guilty for what in the wave.[4][5] The history can also additionally be searched by a person to creep attempting and/or regulate recount adjustments, equivalent to recount kinds of adjustments or messages from a single person.[2]


All throughout the preliminary beginning of Google Wave, invites had been broadly sought by users and had been purchased on auction websites.[22] Those who got invites and determined to examine Google Wave can also no longer keep in touch with their contacts on their typical email accounts. The preliminary spread of Wave became very restricted.

Google Wave before the whole lot got sure press protection for its design[23] and probably uses.[24][25]

Stop of development of Google Wave[edit]

On August 4, 2010, Google offered Wave would no longer be developed as a stand-by myself product because of a lack of interest.[26] Google’s statement surprised many in the industry and person community.

Google later clarified the Wave service might perhaps be readily available in the market till Google Doctors became loyal of accessing saved waves.[27]

Response to the details of the pause of development came from Wave users in the possess of a arena.[28] Since their announcement in early August, the procure drawl has recorded over 49,000 supporter registrations urging Google Wave’s continuation.[29]

In retrospect, the scarcity of success of Google Wave became attributed among an excellent deal of things to its sophisticated person interface as a consequence of a product that merged functions of email, on the spot messengers and wikis but indirectly did not enact something else tremendously higher than the present solutions.[30]

Chris Dawson of on-line technology magazine Zdnet talked about inconsistencies in the reasoning of Google in deciding to pause give a use to for Wave,[26] pointing out its “deep involvement” in growing social media networks, to which an excellent deal of Wave’s capabilities are suited.

Apache Wave[edit]

Google Wave became accredited by the Apache Method Basis‘s Incubator program below the mission title Apache Wave. The Google Wave Developer weblog became updated with info of the alternate on December 6, 2010.[31] A Wave Proposal page with little print on the mission’s dreams became created on the Apache Basis’s Incubator Wiki.[32]

Wave in a Box[edit]

Wave in a Box is the latest server implementation of Apache Wave. At repeat, there are no demo servers readily available in the market.[33]

Crisis and SwellRT[edit]

In 2016, several discussions took region all over the Apache Wave community, aiming to contend with the stagnation and disaster inform of the mission. The Apache Method Basis mentor of Apache Wave, Upayavira,[34] became concerned on the mission stagnation, but framed SwellRT (a fork which re-engineered Wave proper into a backend-as-a-service for building apps) as Wave’s probably savior.[35] At closing, Wave became authorized to proceed within Apache incubator program, and a duplicate of SwellRT codebase became placed in the Apache Wave repository in say to grant the Wave community bag proper of entry to to it.[36] On this regard, Mental Property of SwellRT became transferred to the Apache Basis in 2017.[37] Soundless this became no longer enough to resurrect Wave’s developer community, and SwellRT persevered as fair projec

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