Google terminated our Developer Myth, says it is “associated”

Google terminated our Developer Myth, says it is “associated”

We’re going thru a advanced mission and I hope the community is ready to support us.

After 10 years of working with Google Play and getting more than 1 million downloads in total, we have received an email that our company’s Play Developer accounts are terminated permanently and the general video games and apps were removed. I’m in a position to now not quiet mediate that we are being destroyed in an instant with out any prior survey:

Company Myth Termination Electronic mail

Personal Myth Termination Electronic mail

Our company inclined to have several staff with access to the enterprise’s Play Console, and one among them now not too prolonged previously had accomplished one thing unsuitable with “his luxuriate in non-public” Google Play Developer account. Now company’s account has been terminated, because it is assumed to be associated with the feeble worker who has left the company in March 2019 (3 years previously).

We’ve stumbled on about a other contributors who’ve posted online with very the same problems and were ready to accumulate their accounts support in superior standing after entering into contact with the factual other folks at the Play policy team, but after the final few weeks, we were strong-pressed to accumulate in contact with somebody.

We now have also inclined the formal allure job but received the the same computerized/repeated response. After thoroughly reviewing Google’s Developer Policies, we are certain that every individual apps are compliant with them and the handiest mission is in the mean time this unsuitable, unfair, and unreal association.

Allure response

We’re residing in an arena climate of effort. Without doing one thing else unsuitable, or crossing any redline, now not handiest all apps and the account has been removed, but also we are threatened now to not initiating a brand new account as Google will shut it straight.

My Interrogate:

Does somebody have an expertise with this mission or may perchance be ready to join us with the factual individual in this case?


Events Timeline:

Apr 2014 – H. (Veteran worker) Started working in our company

Mar 2019 – H. Left the company, all permissions removed excluding on one Game which we were quiet using H.’s session on – The app used to be unpublished later on

04 Dec 2021 – Termination of H. (Veteran Employee) account attributable to just a few policy violations

26 Jan 2022 – Termination of our company account (Raya Video games Ltd – AKA TOD Studio) with out prior notices and warnings

26 Jan 2022 – Allure submitted

4 Feb 2022 – Termination of my non-public account (Ali Nadalizadeh)

10 Mar 2022 – Termination of 2d company account (for Raya Sport Publishing Ltd)

13 Mar 2022 – Rejection response for the allure submitted on 26 Jan (46 days of silence)

Right here is how google’s computerized association is terminating accounts:

H.=> (?)=> Raya Video games Ltd (TOD Studio)=> Me

While we do not appear to be any longer associated in any formal or factual or contractual rep.


App Archive Links:

Fruitcraft – Procuring and selling Card Sport elements?identification=com.tod.fruitcraft

Percity – Metropolis Building Simulation Sport elements?identification=com.tod.xameen

NewCity – Metropolis building simulation Game (no URL used to be stumbled on)

Plus 10 other low web train visitors video games and apps which may perchance be now not mentioned right here.

Update (after 8 hours):

Google reviewed our case and reinstated the accounts. I in actuality esteem your support and I am extremely grateful to somebody in this community who helped us to succeed in a proper handbook in the policy team. Even supposing our mission has been resolved, and we are in actuality tickled about that, there will must quiet now not be a want for this form of social media advertising and marketing and marketing campaign in the first accumulate 22 situation and now not all miniature firms may perchance possibly perchance well have this opportunity to reinstate their accounts. I hope that the team at Google stops associating the accounts robotically and would enhance their relationship with the developer community more than ever.

Electronic mail screenshot – Allure accredited

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