Google destroyed my Play Developer Tale and my work for the remaining 2 years

I hope that sometime in the future Google will change its automatic termination policy and stop destroying the dreams and labors of developers who are trying to create something in the Android ecosystem.I am a full-stack developer and about 5 years ago, I came up with the idea of creating an application, but for various…

Google destroyed my Play Developer Tale and my work for the remaining 2 years

I am hoping that in some unspecified time in the future by some means Google will substitute its computerized termination protection and quit destroying the needs and labors of developers who are attempting to form something within the Android ecosystem.

I’m a fat-stack developer and about 5 years ago, I got here up with the premise of increasing an application, nonetheless for varied reasons I postponed it. And 2 years ago, the stars aligned, and I started working on the applying.

I in point of fact absorb attain a long manner with some errors, and as a developer, needed to be taught some queer issues for me, equivalent to increasing my hold imprint, social media pages, promotional movies, adverts, and many others. After nearly 2 years of pattern, working with users, gathering feedback, and, in spite of all the pieces, improving the app, my yarn and my app had been fully removed, here are some major aspects.

To decrease a long story immediate — because of the spirited to every other nation, I desired to update my developer yarn to notice the entire tips associated to taxes in that nation, nonetheless with Google, it’s now not so easy, you can be in a position to’t substitute the nation for an unusual price profile (and also form a brand fresh price profile), you would possibly possibly possibly form a brand fresh Google yarn, then pay for a brand fresh developer yarn and most life like then form a brand fresh price profile and switch your app to that fresh yarn.

As a minimum the steps described above had been done, in disclose now not to deceive somebody, I changed my developer name, which, in maintaining with the Google Play documentation, can absorb to aloof be gorgeous, here’s a fragment from it:

1. Be conscious these steps to form a brand fresh payments profile. Pay careful consideration to the nation you enter at the same time as you dwelling up your profile.

2. Switch your developer name. Whereas you would possibly possibly possibly employ the same developer name on your fresh profile as you’re the employ of on your normal profile, substitute the name on your normal profile first. After you substitute your developer name on the conventional profile, you can be in a position to update the developer name on your fresh profile.

And what I did is precisely what’s listed in this snippet: I changed my developer name on my normal yarn, after which, after a immediate while, changed it on my fresh one. Right here is, doubtlessly, the build the build my mistake is. I convey that I must lend a hand for the adjustments in my normal yarn to be licensed and most life like then substitute the fresh one, nonetheless that is correct my assumption, and also you can be in a position to sight that there is nothing within the documentation about this.

The next morning I received an electronic mail from a merciless Google bot:

I couldn’t factor in what I was learning — my yarn and my app had been terminated. Straight after, I filed an charm, which acknowledged that both accounts belong to me, that I adopted the Google documentation and did now not must deceive somebody, even on the opposite I attempted to quit it. Next to the submitted charm I aloof can sight that it can possibly possibly presumably also resolve up to seven days:

After 20 days, they violated their very hold closing date nearly three times and I in point of fact absorb received no extra responses at all.

Also, all over these 20 days, I created 10 tickets for the Toughen personnel, tried to chat with exact of us to say the difficulty, and asked for the kind long I must lend a hand for a response. Guess what? Nothing. The acknowledge is continuously the same, precise a reproduction-pasted snippet from their protection, and at the same time as you judge insisting, you precise obtain: “We feel your be troubled, sorry, nonetheless we can’t motivate and can’t provide any contacts to attain the Protection personnel out”, you can be in a position to’t procure somebody to contact to absorb your case reviewed.

Why invent they call themselves a help personnel? There would possibly possibly be no such thing as a help from their facet at all, it’s extra be pleased mockery.

And here we are, I’m fully panicked by the lack of purchaser help from Google, even extra, panicked that any fresh yarn I form by some means would possibly possibly possibly possibly presumably smartly be deleted with none warnings. There’s actually nothing I will invent here.

Now, answering the questions of the users who purchased my app or who can’t procure it within the Google Play market and apologising to them, I put that I form of loathe Google for feeling helpless, for 2 years of nearly day-to-day work that will also be destroyed in a pair of seconds, and no person cares about it, for the point of view from Google to developers because of the whom Google gets loads of money and builds the Android ecosystem.

My remaining hope is that the form of us learning this letter will seemingly be pleased, half and dispute on this story within the hope that the Google personnel will invent the gorgeous element and restore my application and developer yarn.

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