Google 20% time volunteers have been rewriting the ITA Matrix flight search app


Hi All,

For many years, we have maintained Matrix as an informal demonstration platform for the advanced features of our flight search technology – the same technology that underlies Google Flights and many airline websites. Unfortunately, the current Matrix website implementation relies on an internally deprecated web platform slated for retirement.

As a result, a band of dedicated Google β€œ20% time” volunteers has been working to rewrite Matrix using newer web technologies like Angular, while aiming to preserve most of the existing functionality. You can now try out the new Matrix at the following url:

Use the new Matrix to search for itineraries with the control and power you are used to, including routing and extension codes, calendar searches, filters, and time-bars to visualize the resulting options.

Use the Send Feedback link right from the new Matrix to tell us what works and what does not. We read all the feedback we receive.

The Matrix Crew

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