Git safety vulnerability supplied

Today, the Git project released new versions which address a pair of security vulnerabilities. GitHub is unaffected by these vulnerabilities1. However, you should be aware of them and upgrade your local installation of Git, especially if you are using Git for Windows, or you use Git on a multi-user machine. CVE-2022-24765 This vulnerability affects users…

Git safety vulnerability supplied

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At the moment time, the Git project released original versions which tackle a pair of safety vulnerabilities.

GitHub is unaffected by these vulnerabilities1. Nevertheless, you needs to be attentive to them and upgrade your native installation of Git, in particular while you’re the usage of Git for Windows, otherwise you utilize Git on a multi-particular person machine.


This vulnerability affects customers working on multi-particular person machines the put a malicious actor can even atomize a .git directory in a shared instruct above a victim’s present working directory. On Windows, as an illustration, an attacker can even atomize C:.gitconfig, which would motive all git invocations that occur outside of a repository to read its configured values.

Since some configuration variables (equivalent to core.fsmonitor) motive Git to attain arbitrary instructions, this can lead to arbitrary recount
execution when working on a shared machine.

The very most lifelike technique to guard in distinction vulnerability is to upgrade to Git v2.35.2. This version changes Git’s behavior when making an strive to fetch a top-stage .git directory to cease when its directory traversal changes possession from the present particular person. (When you occur to esteem to manufacture an exception to this behavior, that that you can well per chance utilize the original multi-valued configuration).

When you occur to can’t upgrade straight away, the very best ways to minimize your risk are the next:

  • Outline the GIT_CEILING_DIRECTORIES atmosphere variable to have the guardian directory of your particular person profile (i.e., /Users on macOS,
    /house on Linux, and C:Users on Windows).
  • Steer certain of working Git on multi-particular person machines when your present working directory is now not inside a trusted repository.

Boom that many tools (such because the Git for Windows installation of Git Bash, posh-git, and Visible Studio) bustle Git instructions under the hood. When you occur to are on a multi-particular person machine, withhold far from the usage of these tools until that that you can bear upgraded to basically the most contemporary beginning.

Credit ranking for finding this vulnerability goes to 俞晨东.



This vulnerability affects the Git for Windows uninstaller, which runs in the particular person’s short-time duration directory. Because the SYSTEM particular person story inherits the
default permissions of C:WindowsTemp (which is world-writable), any authenticated particular person can instruct malicious .dll data that are loaded when
working the Git for Windows uninstaller when bustle by the usage of the SYSTEM story.

The very most lifelike technique to guard in distinction vulnerability is to upgrade to Git for Windows v2.35.2. When you occur to can’t upgrade
straight away, minimize your risk with the next:

  • Steer certain of working the uninstaller until after upgrading
  • Override the SYSTEM particular person’s TMP atmosphere variable to a directory that will only be written to by the SYSTEM particular person
  • Capture unknown .dll data from C:WindowsTemp sooner than working the
  • Bustle the uninstaller under an administrator story in preference to because the
    SYSTEM particular person

Credit ranking for finding this vulnerability goes to the Lockheed Martin Crimson Group.


Download Git 2.35.2

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