GenieFramework – Web Building with Julia

GenieFramework – Web Building with Julia

I be wild about items, on legend of they are dapper!!

Stipple also can additionally be prolonged to encompass any UI functions you furthermore mght can call to mind: from 3D rendering, to slides and spreadsheets, to extremely efficient diagrams editors, there are no limits to what also can additionally be built on high of Stipple!

StippleUI presents a series of over 25 educated (web) UI aspects, ready to put in force for your Julia app!

Starting from the basics enjoy inputs, sliders, buttons, lists, toggles and knobs, to colossal-having a stare cards, badges, tabs, drawers, menus, and loaders, and to the colossal-extremely efficient files tables, text editors, and lazy stammer material loaders (and hundreds others!).

heading("German Credits by Age")

bignumber("Wrong credit rating", :count_bad_credits)
bignumber("Ethical credit rating", :count_good_credits)

h4("Age interval filter")
fluctuate(18:1: 90, :range_data; brand=lawful, labelalways=lawful,
        labelvalueleft=Symbol("'Min age: ' + range_data.min"),
        labelvalueright=Symbol("'Max age: ' + range_data.max"))

h4("Credits files")

table(:credit_data; pagination=:credit_data_pagination)

Stipple UI demo

StippleCharts is a feature-rich plotting library for Stipple built upon the extremely efficient ApexCharts.js.

With a simple API, a multitude of chart forms, and a multitude of customisation alternate suggestions, StippleCharts is a colossal alternative to StipplePlotly within the event you are wanting for lighter plotting with colossal visuals!

StipplePlotly.jl is a extremely efficient and simple manner to use a charting plugin for Stipple, in step with the correctly-identified Plotly JavaScript library.

Stipple makes it a hotfoot to mix Plotly charts with assorted UI aspects, typography and responsive layouts, in direct to fabricate educated files visualisations.

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