Furiosa’s Cat Feeder (2016)

Furiosa’s Cat Feeder (2016)

The trick is to be smarter than the animal with a mind the dimension of a walnut

“This would possibly perchance be colossal,” I thought to myself. “I’ll get a form of high-tech automated cat feeders!”

Wait, I could presumably furthermore peaceable support up a small bit. You witness, the four-legged tenant of Dunki Freehold, who goes by Sprocket H.G. Shopcat, eats twice a day. She will get savory healthy wet food within the morning, and no more-loyal-for-her nonetheless fine-for-lazy-human dry food within the evening. The latter has the fine thing about being with out difficulty dispensed by a robotic. An automatic feeder would keep me one chore per day, and I wouldn’t must alarm about getting dwelling unhurried within the evenings. It’s also very helpful for commute.

After a small bit learn, I made up my mind on this mannequin- the PetSafe programmable automated feeder. It has a snappy-witted ability, and unheard of programming alternate choices. For cats with food-security points (usual in rescue eventualities) this machine could presumably furthermore be programmed to feed in loads of stages all during the day. Sprocket looks unheard of less stressed having her dinner spread out over the route of the evening. The reviews were obvious, and folk also said that the cat can’t get into it to get food.

Those folk enjoy by no methodology met Sprocket H.G. Shopcat.

If there’s one thing I realized on this odyssey, it’s that computerized cat feeders are the identical of giving a portion of dental floss to somebody serving existence in prison. With infinite time, you are going to have the flexibility to flee the relaxation, and (it seems) destroy into virtually any robotic.

The allegedly cat-proof PetSafe food robotic.

The machine has a silicone conveyor belt pushed by a real servo. A microcontroller times the servo’s operation to regulate half dimension. The conveyor is gravity-fed by a hopper above it. The food falls off the tip of the conveyor and down a vertical chute into an hooked up bowl.

Sprocket’s first gambit used to be very uncomplicated- she would nudge the machine alongside with her small eight pound physique, and some food would descend out. There had been always some loose pieces shut to the tip of the conveyor, and jostling the machine would ship just a few out. The machine is under a desk, so I answered this main scenario with some stiff wire to anchor it to the desk leg.

Anchored to the desk, now jostle-resistant. You would possibly perchance presumably presumably witness I also ancient a binder clip to better fetch the bowl. The OEM methodology uses a plastic tab that Sprocket defeated in 8 seconds.

Undeterred, Sprocket then realized she could presumably climb on to the stringers of the desk to get high ground above the machine, then get the head edge alongside with her small mouth. She could presumably then preserve it and tumble it, inflicting pieces to descend out. To deter this, I grabbed a heavy portion of steel off the junk pile and placed it on the machine to make it exhausting to preserve with shrimp tom cat choppers.

Scrap steel and zip ties. Will this countermove finish the vertical assault gambit?

This made deciding on up the machine inconvenient passable that she switched tactics. Her subsequent transfer used to be to lie on her support within the bowl, and stick her paw up the chute. She could presumably paw the conveyor belt itself, getting it to transfer. This used to be very efficient, netting an additional meal or more.

YouTube video

Now things are getting subtle. I desired to finish chute get entry to by paws, while peaceable allowing food out. The effect is awkward for her, so I fabricated a straight bar across the chute opening that could presumably divide the dwelling in half of and make it so she couldn’t get a loyal attitude to succeed within the conveyor any longer.

Here we’re taking a search for into the chute. I ran a portion of 1/8″ steel rod though the plastic on either side, securing it with hitch pins.

This worked quick, nonetheless she then returned to the preserve-and-tumble technique. It seems she’s somewhat principal, and managed to preserve and tumble the machine even with the chunk of steel on it. To strive against this, I made a steel support-down bracket out of some scrap steel and screwed it to the desk. It used to be now physically no longer doable to preserve the machine.

Absolutely this frequently is the tip of the preserve-and-tumble sport. can’t even preserve it now, and I’m lots more than 8lbs.

Undeterred, she returned to attacking the chute. Her worn methodology didn’t work anymore, nonetheless she quick realized she could presumably transfer to the side of the bowl and get a more vertical methodology attitude, thus bypassing the divider bar.

YouTube video

For the subsequent spherical, I grabbed an worn plastic soda bottle, and made an extension to the chute. This entirely blocked get entry to while peaceable allowing food to dawdle down into the bowl.

This worked for virtually two fat days, which used to be a file. Then again, she chewed doggedly at that plastic soda bottle till she had destroyed it. In celebration, she ate some quick-witted choice of additional meals while I used to be at work, and proceeded to throw up all during the kitchen. It used to be essentially the most most important and worst day for Sprocket.

The postulate of the chute extension used to be sound, it used to be loyal my implementation that used to be flawed. The junk pile coughed up a portion of 24ga copper sheet which I ancient to beef up the extension.

You would possibly perchance presumably presumably witness I leveraged the divider bar as a mounting level for the copper chute extension. Here’s terribly sturdy and could presumably at final defeat the chute gambit.

Largely foiled by this copper, she then went support again to the preserve-and-tumble technique. This time she figured out she could presumably rotate my support-down clamp out of the arrangement in which, and again the machine used to be free to preserve. I responded to this by striking more bends within the clamp such that it used to be now wrapped thoroughly over the lip of the machine, and could presumably no longer be swung out of the arrangement in which.

I could well shriek “absolutely this can support”, nonetheless at this level I’ve realized no longer to make any predictions about Sprocket’s capabilities. You would possibly perchance presumably presumably witness on the left that she has managed to paw the 2lb chunk of steel off the machine and on to the bottom.

This worked for just a few more days, nonetheless I used to be insecure. She used to be managing to loosen the brand new clamp a small bit over time, and I didn’t feel loyal that my chute extension would support eternally. She used to be working very exhausting to defeat all these new measures. What subsequent?

Properly, here at Blondihacks Labs, we know that there is not any subject that can’t be solved with quite loads of steel plate. Sure, it used to be time to transfer Elephantine Furiosa on this cat feeding robotic. I pulled a bunch of 1/8″ steel plate off the junk pile and bought to work.

The unbiased used to be to entirely enclose the machine, thus taking away all that you just are going to have the flexibility to take into consideration get entry to parts. I also wanted a machine that could presumably entirely restrain the bowl, and restrict get entry to to the front allotment of it (to supply protection to the chute dwelling). The explanation at the support of utilizing 1/8″ steel is that the resulting box will be so heavy as to be thoroughly out of the demand for an 8lb mammal to complete alternate upon it in 3D dwelling.

I stumbled on some foam core on the junk pile subsequent to the steel, so I opted to employ that to mock up the pieces I could well need.
Subsequent up, tracing and reducing essentially the main pieces. This scrap has a gargantuan immoral bend in it, so I’m laying my pieces out around that as easiest I will.
Here’s the main test match of the perimeters and support. Taking a look loyal! Time to start tacking things together.
You would possibly perchance presumably presumably furthermore shriek this bump-out on the front is due to I mis-measured the dimension of the head allotment of the machine. Quite the opposite, it’s a cosmopolitan bit of art deco detailing. No, certainly no longer due to I measured unfriendly. If truth be told no longer that.

Despite my Furiosic zeal to armor the hell out of this thing, I attain also need it to be functional. Which methodology it desires a lid that I will start. The junk pile provided some nifty friction hinges that I judge were left over from one amongst the failed Teddy High iterations. They’ve been waiting in The Pile for their 2d to shine!

They’re sturdy hinges, nonetheless a small bit too puny to rush in plight- there wasn’t passable subject cloth on the side for mounting holes, attributable to the thickness of the lid and puny dimension of the hinge plates. I opted to employ the screw holes to creep-weld the hinges in plight. This used to be subtle, due to they’re very thin subject cloth. They’re also galvanized, so don’t breathe the inexperienced smoke. I wear a respirator when I weld anyway, nonetheless peaceable, zinc fumes are turbo-immoral for you.
To eradicate a top tom cat entry vector, I needed a fetch closure. I added some tabs and tapped them for M6 bolts. These are finger-tightened in plight, which makes opening the lid for refilling food uncomplicated. You wish opposable thumbs to buy a rush (even a finger-tight one), so I’m confident this is fetch.
The total main seams are thoroughly welded up now, and things are taking a look loyal. Subsequent up is the bowl restraint. The front edge of the box holds the head of the bowl down, nonetheless we need more.

I wasn’t taking any prospects with the bowl, due to it’s potentially an gargantuan ancient link within the machine. If she can get that loose, all is misplaced. She’ll have the flexibility to get any attitude she wants on the chute, and it’ll be cat vomit as a ways because the look can witness.

I made an integral band around the front of the bowl utilizing the MAPP gasoline torch bending technique I’ve talked about earlier than on this weblog.

I took the additional step of drilling the front of the bowl and securing it to the steel band with stainless-steel hardware (for food security).

In that photo, you are going to have the flexibility to also witness the copper chute regulate. The postulate here is to enjoy an adjustable allotment on the front that I will adjust as wanted. I desire the machine to be such that she can attain all parts of the bowl alongside with her paw, nonetheless no longer have the flexibility to succeed in upwards in direction of the chute in anyway. The front edge of this copper protect is rolled upwards to make a cushy lip, since her head and paws will be all up in there. The copper is with out difficulty detachable in case I desire to make changes, or if she one arrangement or the other destroys it and it desires replacing or repair. I tried to support all areas that could presumably furthermore contact the food copper or stainless.

I spent quite loads of time sanding, submitting, and polishing each and every corner and edge on this thing. I desired to make obvious there used to be no chance of her reducing herself if she rubbed, chewed, or pawed at any allotment of this box. This thing is so tickled and fetch to the contact that you just would roll it around on balloons and nothing would pop.

You would possibly perchance presumably presumably furthermore undercover agent in that final photo that it has a cosmopolitan worn-timey patina. I hit it with JAX steel blackener as a substitute of paint due to I used to be scared if she chewed on it, she would dilemma paint off and get it in her small machine. This appeared safer. If truth be told, being steel, she has shown no pastime in even touching it, by no methodology mind chewing or rubbing on it. Silent, better fetch than unhappy kitty.

The final thing came out very unintentionally steampunk-taking a look, due to of the patina, the copper, and the normally-spaced bolts. All it’s missing is just a few gratuitous gears. Maybe it desires to be known as Professor Quinn’s Impossible Patented Cat Confabulator.

The final preventive measure is to plight the machine on a rubber sheet. This protects my low-mark laminate from the steel, nonetheless also makes the machine immovable. Even something heavy could presumably furthermore be slid around if the bottom is low-friction, so I made it as high-friction as that you just are going to have the flexibility to take into consideration. The rubber sheet is on the complete a dog bowl mat. Don’t relate Sprocket- the indignity of that will be too unheard of to tolerate. She could presumably furthermore retaliate by chewing during the gasoline line on the dryer or something.

Second of fact time. Does it work?

YouTube video

As you are going to have the flexibility to witness under, the copper protect is doing its job. She will be able to peaceable paw the food forward from the support of the bowl, which is on the complete a if truth be told perfect exercise for her. Making dinner a project for cats is a loyal thing- retains them occupied, and retains them from fascinating too snappy.

YouTube video

Curiously, Sprocket has shown zero pastime in probing this new feeder for weaknesses. It’s virtually as if there’s a psychological finish of the imposing constructing that is conserving her from even attempting.

A buddy observed that the machine ended up with somewhat an art deco feel to it, so she made a logo for the front. I judge it finishes things off effectively.

It’s the small things.

You would possibly perchance presumably presumably furthermore shriek I’ve gained this war. Then again I loyal spent 20 hours armor-plating a cat feeder. I judge we know who’s if truth be told in regulate here, don’t we?

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These three are your greatest treasures.
Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.
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