Full Stack Senior PHP Developer for Ed Tech (YC S16)

Full Stack Senior PHP Developer for Ed Tech (YC S16)

Hi there! We’re looking for a full-stack senior web developer with an expertise in PHP frameworks for a full-time position at RocketLit, our science literacy and assessment company. We’ve been around for 6+ years and are Summer 2016 YC Alum.

Our new platform, InnerOrbit, features the highest quality NGSS Assessments, phenomena, and 3D reports and we believe we are on the forefront of science learning for the classroom. We’ve gained a ton of traction in the past year with InnerOrbit and have been growing fast and somewhat virally.

What you’d be building:

Depending on your expertise and what you enjoy, you could be working in the realms of backend development and dev ops, front end and UX, or even on the technology side of content and marketing.

We work with a lot of large data sets and need to build out APIs as well as work with external APIs for things like rostering and other integrations. So, if backend is your thing, you’ll be able to thrive there.

At the same time, we very much value slick UX — and not the boring, obvious kind. We have some pretty advanced UIs that we strive to make intuitive, while offering a ton of function. There are UX puzzles to solve and if you’re into that, we’re your team to join. On top of that, our reports are pretty snazzy and we try to not just present data graphically, but represent data in ways that actually makes sense and is helpful for every user (by using several graphing libraries).

If content and marketing is something you love, but from a developer standpoint, we’ve got a lot of that going on too… from email campaigns, to interfacing with data tracking and analytics APIs, to creating fantastic pages to communicate with users about all of our new features.

What we can offer you:

  • Competitive salary starting at 70k – 90k

  • Health, Dental, Vision

  • 401k with matching

  • 100% Remote work (though a few in-person meetings here and there could be cool too)

  • Very flexible schedules

  • A quickly growing, small, fun, and driven team to work with

Qualified candidates will have:

  • 5+ years of Senior Full-Stack Developer, particularly with PHP

  • 3+ years experience with Laravel other PHP frameworks

  • Ability to create/ work with custom and legacy php frameworks

  • Vanilla PHP (without a framework)

  • API integrations

  • OAuth Experience

  • MySQL/Maria/Postgres

  • Ability to read and write Vanilla SQL queries including Joins, subqueries, and aggregate functions

  • Vanilla javascript

  • Jquery

  • CSS and experience with SCSS/LESS/SASS

  • 1+ year of React/Angular/Vue Experience

  • 2+ years of Git experience

  • Google cloud / AWS / Linode / Linux experience

  • Photoshop

  • D3js / NVD3 / ChartJS

  • Understanding of SEO principles

  • Understanding of UX principles

How you can apply:

Please send your resume to with the subject “Full-stack Awesomeness” along with any portfolios, projects you’ve been working on, and your github to grenard@rocketlit.com. A little bit about yourself wouldn’t hurt either.

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