Fuchsia Workstation

Workstation (workstation) is an open source reference design for Fuchsia. Workstation is not a consumer-oriented product. Workstation is a tool for developers and enthusiasts to explore Fuchsia and experiment with evolving concepts and features. Workstation does not come with strong security, privacy, or robustness guarantees. Bugs and rapid changes are expected – to help improve…


Workstation (workstation) is an birth source reference create for Fuchsia.
Workstation is no longer an individual-oriented product. Workstation is a tool for
developers and followers to explore Fuchsia and experiment with evolving
ideas and system.

Workstation does no longer reach with sturdy security, privacy, or robustness
guarantees. Bugs and quick changes are expected – to wait on enhance Fuchsia,
please file bugs and ship feedback. If alive to, that you can
configure your Workstation to receive
automated updates.

Acquire started with Workstation

To get started with Workstation, strive to be conversant in straightforward learn the technique to get the
Fuchsia source code, manufacture Fuchsia photos, and bustle Fuchsia on a tool or
emulator – the instructions in this portion are essentially essentially essentially based on the
Acquire started with Fuchsia drift.

Workstation is designed to be weak with an Intel NUC or the Fuchsia emulator

Configure automated updates

When that you can want Workstation running on a hardware intention (as an illustration, Intel
NUC), that you can steal to enroll the intention for OTA (Over The Air) updates. These
updates be particular that your Fuchsia intention automatically receives the latest
variations of the running machine and packages associated with Workstation.

To bootstrap your Fuchsia intention into receiving updates, you will must comprise an
OTA configuration kit into your manufacture, then pave it to your intention.

To set your Workstation manufacture configuration with automated replace, bustle the
following expose:

fx set workstation.x64 --initiate --with-unhealthy //src/workstation: BUILD_TARGET

Change the following:

Shall we relate,

fx set workstation.x64 --initiate --with-unhealthy //src/workstation:stable

Once your contemporary manufacture configuration is ready, manufacture Fuchsia and
pave your intention to initiate receiving updates. Your intention now
automatically polls for updates every 60 minutes. The intention runs the model of
Workstation that you built, versus a initiate manufacture, till the intention
receives its first replace.

Analysis for updates manually

To manually study for a brand contemporary initiate, bustle the following expose on the intention’s

replace study-now --show screen

If there is a brand contemporary replace, this expose reboots the intention into the contemporary initiate
after the download completes.

Configure initiate channels

Will glean to you build the manufacture configuration to receive updates, that you can steal which
initiate channel your intention receives updates from.

The on hand channels are:

  • Staunch – A branch promoted customarily from Beta.

    • Make purpose: //src/workstation:stable
  • Beta– A branch promoted on a weekly basis as assessed by Fuchsia’s
    making an attempt out direction of. This branch may want extra identified points or bugs than the
    stable channel.

    • Make purpose: //src/workstation:beta

To configure the initiate channel to your intention, agree to the instructions in
Configure automated updates with the manufacture
purpose of your different.

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