Fresh(ish) disclose line tools

Hello! This day I requested on twitter about more moderen
disclose line tools, admire ripgrep and fd and fzf and exa and bat.

I obtained a bunch of replies with tools I hadn’t heard of, so I method I’d abolish a
checklist right here. Plenty of other folks additionally pointed at the fresh-unix checklist.

replacements for commonplace tools

current innovations

Right here are some tools that are no longer precisely replacements for commonplace tools:

  • z, fasd, autojump, zoxide (tools to abolish it more uncomplicated to search out recordsdata / switch directories)
  • broot, nnn, ranger (file supervisor)
  • direnv (load atmosphere variables looking out on the most up-to-date directory)
  • fzf, peco (“fuzzy finder”)
  • croc and magic-wormhole (send recordsdata from one computer to 1 other)
  • hyperfine (benchmarking)
  • httpie, curlie, xh (for making HTTP requests)
  • entr (flee arbitrary instructions when recordsdata switch)
  • asdf (version supervisor for extra than one languages)
  • tig, lazygit (interactive interfaces for git)
  • lazydocker (interactive interface for docker)
  • resolve (the fundamentals of awk/slice)
  • ctop (high for containers)
  • fuck (autocorrect disclose line errors)
  • tmate (piece your terminal with a buddy)
  • lnav, angle-grinder (tools for managing logs)
  • mdp, glow (ways to video display markdown in the terminal)
  • pbcopy/pbpaste (for clipboard stdin/stdout) presumably aren’t “current” however were talked about plenty. That probabilities are you’ll exhaust xclip to conclude the same element on Linux.


  • jq (a gargantuan JSON-wrangling tool)
  • jc (convert various tools’ output into JSON)
  • jo (form JSON objects)
  • yq (admire jq, however for YAML). there’s additionally one other yq
  • fq (admire jq, however for binary)
  • htmlq (admire jq, however for HTML)
  • fx (interactive json tool)
  • jless (json pager)
  • xsv (a disclose line tool for csv recordsdata, from burntsushi)
  • visidata (“an interactive multitool for tabular records”)
  • miller (“admire awk/sed/slice/join/form for CSV/TSV/JSON/JSON traces”)

grep things:

  • pdfgrep (grep for PDF)
  • gron (abolish JSON greppable)
  • ripgrep-all (ripgrep, however additionally PDF, zip, ebooks, etc)

much less-current tools

Right here are about a of no longer-so-current tools other folks talked about aren’t that effectively-known:

  • pv (“pipe viewer”, offers you a development bar for a pipe)
  • vidir (from moreutils, permits you to batch rename/delete recordsdata in vim)
  • sponge, ts, parallel (additionally from moreutils)

about a of my favourites

My favourites of those that I exhaust already are entr, ripgrep, git-delta,
httpie, plocate, and jq.

I’m eager on making an try out direnv, btm, z, xsv, and duf, however I
say the most lovely tool I learned about is vidir.

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