Free Marketing Help Offer for Free/Open Source Projects

Free Marketing Help Offer for Free/Open Source Projects

Do you know someone who could use some free marketing help with making your open source side project more attractive to users and contributors?

I’m offering free help for open source projects this summer as a limited-time offer.

I don’t work with just open source projects for my company, but being free software is required here. Here’s all you need to apply:

you have an open source project that wants more users or contributors and would like some help standing out and getting noticed

if there is a company involved (great if there isn’t!) it needs to have not closed an A-round and can’t have any product management or marketing employees yet

you have to be nice and want some help 🙂

Here’s how it might work:

we’ll discuss your project in email and on video chat, explore ideas, challenges, and so on

I’ll probably ask a lot of questions

I’ll come up with lots of actionable written recommendations and sketches of ideas for your brand and online presence and “project marketing” strategy based on your project and how you want people to think about it. This can include draft website text, documentation, tutorial, or example suggestions, and various questions I think your website needs to answer. If your ducks are really in a row this might not be a lot of suggestions, but it also could be more, it depends on how much advice/help you want (less is ok!).

This could go back and forth for a few rounds depending on what the project is and how things are going.

You don’t need to implement anything that you don’t like and my feelings won’t be hurt if you ignore everything, but you should probably want to do something if you are reaching out.

What I get:

I get some great conversations, possibly learn some new things, and the opportunity to help out some interesting software projects that could use some more help getting discovered

To talk about the project and suggested upgrades for your content on this blog/newsletter and my website (for which you also get some extra free press in return) – anything I write will be 100% positive and mostly about before/after suggestions.

That’s it!

If this sounds interesting, send me email using the form at the bottom of my homepage. I can’t promise that I can accommodate all requests or accommodate all requests equally – some projects may not even be a good fit – but I’ll see what I can do!

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