Fred (Federal Reserve Economic Data) Provides Interplanetary Datasets

Fred (Federal Reserve Economic Data) Provides Interplanetary Datasets

These objects are quite sleek!

FRED pushes the boundaries of recordsdata availability. It currently boasts shut to 800,000 events sequence, including world recordsdata which is in all chance mappable with GeoFRED. But FRED hadn’t featured any interplanetary recordsdata till now.

The FRED Crew has collaborated with the Scientific Data in Further-Terrestrial Voice Hub, Youngstown (SKETCHY) to combine about a of the suggestions from the NASA Mars exploration rovers.

FRED has ratings of socio-financial time sequence, the commonest recordsdata class. And that’s the first form of Martian recordsdata to be added to FRED. This sequence starts with recordsdata from the first rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, in January 2004. (Sojourner, in 1997, become too immediate-lived to produce well-known recordsdata.) The currently energetic rovers, Curiosity and Perseverance, present continued alternatives for interplanetary recordsdata enthusiasts. We hope to develop coverage with a prototype FRED rover, Self belief Interval. We moreover hope to develop to interstellar trade recordsdata, so our customers can take a look at empirically some conjectures from the financial literature.


How this graph become created: Search FRED for “Mars” and click on on the most acceptable link.

Advised by Genevieve Podleski and Christian Zimmermann.

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