Framework Notebook computer with Ubuntu Analysis

Framework Notebook computer with Ubuntu Analysis

I constructed my have computer over the vacation damage and it’s a developer’s dream near succesful. I took an various and ordered a Framework Notebook computer DIY Edition. I’m so comfortable I did. The Framework is an very just correct platform to customize and originate a truly marvelous and exact Linux machine for development. Here’s what I cherish about it and issues that will be better.


The cloak has a 3:2 ratio, excessive-resolution, and trim gleaming colours. From a purely unscientific user statement, the shade intensity, blacks and whites are perfectly balanced. I’m able to see myself working extended hours programming and finding out on this relate. The swivel lets within the reveal to open nearly 180 degrees. Here’s an most steadily underestimated characteristic. But, the flexibility to manipulate the viewing attitude to nearly flat is precious.



It feels kindly good to form on this keyboard. The keys absorb the kindly amount of texture, grip, bound, and haptic suggestions. I’ve been typing on it for extended courses with noticeably less fatigue at the waste in comparison to many diverse laptops – including MacBooks.


I ordered mine with an Intel i7-1165G7 (12M Cache, up to 4.70 GHz) processor, 1 TB onerous drive, 32 GB of RAM, and the ports that I need, where I need them, to make shriek of them after I need them. No dongle hell right here. The expansion ports system is so cleverly designed that it nearly feels routine to mediate that no varied firm has brought them to market earlier than. I configured mine with one USB-C port and a Expose Port on the left, every other USB-C and a USB-A on the kindly. I absorb an HDMI in case I need it too. I remorse no longer ordering a 1 TB expansion port as effectively – but I will.


The part about this machine is that it’s going to even be upgraded. I was skeptical at the starting put pondering whether it used to be going to be more of a marketing gimmick that anything else. But, as soon as I rolled up my sleeves and installed the onerous drive, memory, and WiFi modules myself following their setup manual, I totally understood its cost proposition. I absorb a machine with better specs than a comparable MacBook Knowledgeable M1 for less. And, I’m able to with out disaster upgrade to 64 GB of RAM and 2 TB of storage and gentle be more tag efficient by a substantial margin.



This configuration at $1,600 USD is cost in comparison to a MacBook and varied comparable laptops. If it’s top to cease native iOS or macOS development then a MacBook is your obvious various. But, while you cease all varied types of development including Android and rotten-platform, then a Framework Notebook computer with Ubuntu and the Google ecosystem is a good deal.


To articulate that it kindly works might well maybe be an understatement. It works beautifully!

I installed Ubuntu 21.10 in a bound. The entire lot worked flawelessly: graphics drivers, WiFi, Bluetooth, digital camera, microphone, expansion ports. I was up and working with Android Studio and Visual Studio Code in a truly short interval of time.

Make and Skills

This machine is beautifully designed and engineered. MacBooks used to be as soon as the reference for sort. No longer the single point of reference anymore. The body of the Framework Notebook computer is all aluminum machined with precision, lightweight, suited to the see and get in touch with. The weight of the relate and body are balanced and save it that you just might factor in to open the relate with a single finger with out having to abet the body down. The trackpad, keyboard, bezels, and branding are all in cohesion.

Basically the most enticing machine I absorb owned in phrases of construct, aesthetics, manufacturing quality, and total integration is the fashioned Pixelbook by Google. It’s merely lovely. I gentle shriek it. I need that Google had persevered with improved revisions of that Chromebook. The Pixelbook Crawl is a lawful successor, but it doesn’t absorb the equal spirit. I’ve been looking for a shut equal with more muscle and I indirectly found it within the Framework. Gaze them aspect by aspect.

Pixelbook and Framework closed
Pixelbook and Framework open flat


One in every of the initial caveats with installing Ubuntu is that deep sleep and hibernate are no longer enabled by default. Deep sleep is easy to allow. Hibernate takes somewhat more effort, but it’s straightforward. Once configured it works cherish a charm. I noticed a couple of 2% drain in 3 days of hibernation. If this energy loss is linear, it can maybe depart for weeks in hibernation. Total, the battery performs effectively and its lifestyles relies upon very phenomenal on what you are doing sometime of the day. No longer to stammer the obvious, but, hammer the CPU and you’ll bustle thru energy sooner. As a developer, your mileage will vary looking out on how phenomenal compilation and CPU-intensive tasks you cease vs. writing code, and varied tasks.

Audio system

The sound is flat and common at simplest. The Pixelbook Crawl by Google delivers a truly impressive rich sound from the type of skinny and gentle-weight tool below $1k. I’m hoping that the Framework construct group takes clues from it and improves the speakers and chassis construct for better sound. Better yet, save speakers upgradable kindly cherish the assorted ingredients.

Privacy hardware switches

The mechanical switches to turn off access to the microphone and digital camera are kindly too on your face. It’s a ways maybe in regards to the single part within the entire construct that might well absorb the benefit of a more discrete fabricate part. They are centered on the cease edge of the cloak bezel. It’s somewhat onerous to swap them on and off. It’s unclear whether they are robotically overlaying the lens or disconnecting the microphone and digital camera. Or, if they are kindly actuating something internally. Regardless, they’ll be performed more discreetly. The HP Elite c1030 Chromebook has a swap on the left aspect on the sting of the body subsequent to the ports. It’s a small swap that’s straightforward to characteristic and truly discreet. I’m hoping future revisions of the Framework Notebook computer had a the same mechanism.

Graphics card

Can this be made upgradable in due route? Would seriouly keep in thoughts building one for gaming if they were.


I’m truly elated that I gave the Framework Notebook computer a strive. My Pixelbook has a long lifestyles expectancy for a recent tool on condition that it runs ChromeOS on a CPU that has bigger than ample juice left for a couple of more years. Whether or no longer the Framework Notebook computer will are dwelling to the same expectations brooding about that its premise is upgradability stays to be seen. But, with Google Workspaces and Chrome profiles it feels cherish I absorb the most straightforward of Chromebooks and the muscle of a Linux development machine in one. Kudos to the Framework group.

Disclaimer: Opinions are my have.

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