Fq: Jq for Binary Formats

Fq: Jq for Binary Formats

Tool, language and decoders for inspecting binary data.

fq demo

In most cases fq works the same way as jq but instead of reading JSON it reads binary data.
The result is a JSON compatible structures where each value has a bit range, symbolic
interpretations and know how to be presented in a useful way.

NOTE: fq is early in development and many things are missing, broken or do not make sense.
That also means there is a great opportunity to help out!


  • Make binary formats accessible and queryable.
  • Nested formats and bit-oriented decoding.
  • Quick and comfortable CLI tool.
  • Bit and byte transformations and conversions.
  • Programmer’s calculator.


Basic usage is fq . file.

For details see usage.md


Download release for your
platform, unarchive it and move the executable to PATH etc.


# install latest release
brew install wader/tap/fq

Build from source

Make sure you have go 1.17 or later installed.

To install directly from git repository do:

# build and install latest release
go install github.com/wader/fq@latest

# or build and install latest master
go install github.com/wader/fq@master

# copy binary to $PATH if needed
cp "$(go env GOPATH)/bin/fq" /usr/local/bin

To build and run tests from source directory:

make test fq
# copy binary to $PATH if needed
cp fq /usr/local/bin

Supported formats

aac_frame, adts, adts_frame, apev2, av1_ccr, av1_frame, av1_obu, avc_annexb, avc_au, avc_dcr, avc_nalu, avc_pps, avc_sei, avc_sps, bzip2, dns, dns_tcp, elf, ether8023_frame, exif, flac, flac_frame, flac_metadatablock, flac_metadatablocks, flac_picture, flac_streaminfo, gif, gzip, hevc_annexb, hevc_au, hevc_dcr, hevc_nalu, icc_profile, icmp, id3v1, id3v11, id3v2, ipv4_packet, jpeg, json, matroska, mp3, mp3_frame, mp4, mpeg_asc, mpeg_es, mpeg_pes, mpeg_pes_packet, mpeg_spu, mpeg_ts, ogg, ogg_page, opus_packet, pcap, pcapng, png, protobuf, protobuf_widevine, pssh_playready, raw, sll2_packet, sll_packet, tar, tcp_segment, tiff, udp_datagram, vorbis_comment, vorbis_packet, vp8_frame, vp9_cfm, vp9_frame, vpx_ccr, wav, webp, xing, zip

For details see formats.md

TODO and ideas

See TODO.md


See dev.md

Thanks and related projects

This project would not have been possible without itchyny‘s
jq implementation gojq. I also want to thank
HexFiend for inspiration and ideas and stedolan
for inventing the jq language.

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