Folding bicycle dinky passable to slot in hand luggage

The No. 1 in the city MADE in GERMANY Hand luggage size (55*40*25 cm) » fits under seats in bus and train » leaves a lot of space in the trunk effortlessly 25 km/h with the folding bike, without much pedaling super-light 10 kg MADE IN GERMANY » Highest precision and material quality » ISO-tested…

Folding bicycle dinky passable to slot in hand luggage

The No. 1 in town




  • Hand luggage size (55*40*25 cm)

  • » suits below seats in bus and put collectively

    » leaves plenty of keep in the trunk

  • simply 25 km/h with the folding bike, without distinguished pedaling

  • immense-mild 10 kg


  • » Perfect precision and field materials fantastic

    » ISO-tested stability

Meet Kwiggle

1000 chances with 1 folding bike

This folding bike is in a class of its enjoy. Its hand luggage size gives many more makes expend of than all other folding bikes.
Kwiggle is the simplest folding bike for commuters by put collectively or car, city dwellers, pilots, sailers, boot and camper homeowners and many more.

Take it in all places



Folded or unfolded, the Kwiggle weighs simplest 9 – 10 kg and might perhaps perhaps perchance perchance be carried with ease as a solid kit with one hand.



Or no longer it’s child’s play to switch luggage with the folding bike: Ortlieb &  VAUDE bags or roll cases come in. Also backpacks are with ease to carry in an correct region.


Folding bike trolley

You produce no longer possess to carry the Kwiggle. This folding bike might perhaps perhaps perchance perchance be with ease pulled like a trolley and parked anyplace: It’s unprecedented on this planet.

This Folding Bike Inspires

The “shuffle to” bike which merely accompanies you in all places and is repeatedly at hand, or dinky and compact ready for expend again. It’s incredibly helpful!

Rebekka W. – Bückeburg

That is the optimal folding bike for me, which I’m continuously the expend of on the avenue with public transport. Easy to carry, easy to fold, easy to store. And with the acceptable riding region and  the movable saddle my knee and Aid bother are long past.  

Ole J. – Berlin

The absolute best foldie I’ve ever had! Positively a made from ardour.

Jan S. – Barcelona

Casual, surprisingly legal off-avenue…..

Werner G. – Munich

I procure the riding expertise astonishing. As a result of movable saddle it feels very dynamic. A popular bike feels very stiff to me after riding a Kwiggle.

Daniela A. – Düsseldorf

I equipped it unseen and I’m very elated. Let’s hear it for the Kwiggle pattern team!

Matthias S. – Sao Paulo


You better disappear correct folding bike.

Folding bike EXTREME

We produce coarse excursions with this folding bike. Because doctors and physiotherapists say us:

“When kwiggling, all muscle groups work optimally.

It’s some distance doable for you to to disappear for a no doubt long time without getting tired

We drove hundreds of miles in a single day ensuing from this fact.
We participated in avenue bike races. Now we possess conquered the steepest alpine passes with this folding bike. And possess made comparisons between a Kwiggle and a avenue bike whereas riding in the mountains.

Be taught more about our findings from this contemporary folding bike world.

More about coarse touring 


Assessments, experiences and impressions:

We are here for you

Wish to be taught more about riding and folding, the handling and the salubrious settings of the folding bike? We can allow you to from your first kilometer/mile and also after many hundreds of kilometers/miles and relief you with to any extent extra questions you would even possess.

We would like you to possess snort contact with us the manufacturer.
Now we possess the parts fabricated from the raw field materials in Germany and Italy and we assemble the Kwiggle folding bikes ourselves in explain that we can individually utter the very salubrious conceivable fantastic.

We provide annual folding bike service, any repairs and all spare parts for the folding bike at our meeting facility and repair center in Hannover.


10 cases diversified, a 10 cases better folding bike

Doesn’t match, doesn’t exist!

The absolute best folding bike on this planet that suits in hand luggage compartments.
All stowage alternatives are designed for hand luggage dimensions. Due to this fact, the Kwiggle also suits below the seats in the ICE and in other trains. It suits simply into cupboards and lockers and in the trunk of any car. Kwiggle is the game changer in the folding bike sector and brings unimagined mobile freedom.

Sooner to fold than to lock

The Kwiggle folds in precisely 10 seconds which is faster than the time it be a have to to lock your bike. This can’t be without say completed with other folding bikes without some effort. So it is simple to take your Kwiggle with you at any time so it is going to no longer be stolen.

Create no longer carry, roll

The Kwiggle has a trolley characteristic, so that you would without say pull it in the lend a hand of you and park it anyplace if you happen to is also no longer riding it. With the dapper trolley wheels you would without say roll the Kwiggle over uneven ground. This helpful trolley characteristic is unprecedented in the entire folding bike market and insanely worthwhile in on every day foundation life. You simplest possess to carry the Kwiggle if you happen to scurry up and down stairs. After which it simplest weighs 10kg.

Cell Freedom

Because the Kwiggle is repeatedly at hand you might perhaps well expertise pure mobility. The town all proper now becomes very dinky and accessible with the Kwiggle for the explanation that Kwiggle might perhaps perhaps perchance perchance be without say mixed with any manner of transportation: car, put collectively, bus, and taxi.
Shopping for a parking keep come to your destination is not any longer fundamental. With the Kwiggle you would be at your destination very hasty at all.

The Clip-On

With the Clip-On strap you change into your Kwiggle very without say into a luggage transporter, which brings you and your rolling suitcase to the desired destination. An unintended discovery that turned out to be a real advantage when touring. The rolling suitcase is hung on the lend a hand of the seat submit with a sturdy strap and simply rides alongside.


Each Kwiggle is manufactured in Germany to the very finest fantastic standards. Prime fantastic gives and the simplest parts guarantee that a precious riding expertise with real longevity.

Stainless-steel where acceptable

Folding joints, chain, sprockets, bolts, screws are made of stainless-steel and where the folding bike is moved we applied high wear security.

Good riding expertise

To disappear a Kwiggle is a no doubt relaxing expertise. Or no longer it’s moderately wobbly before the entirety, but after you fetch used to it, you might perhaps well be twisted. A style of our potentialities possess even put apart apart their well-liked bikes to revel in the Kwiggle riding expertise more in most cases.

Free from tension

As a result of acceptable posture, the disadvantages of a stooped posture when biking are a thing of the past.
The uncomfortable strain on the wrists or the eternal strain on the lend a hand muscle groups are a thing of the past. On the Kwiggle you no longer fetch a stiff neck. And even better: you even fetch your deep torso and lend a hand muscle groups transferring. Physiologically, the Kwiggle is distinguished passable to a well-liked bicycle.

Correct for the atmosphere

All people can bear their portion to kind out the local weather crisis. On the other hand, fully leaving in the lend a hand of particular particular person mobility is not any longer the answer here. The Kwiggle is the absolute best hyperlink between public manner of transportation. Handiest by rethinking deepest transportation is a mobility turnaround conceivable, by which groups of folks shuffle back and forth the large majority of a route collectively and simplest the final mile is lined individually. The bicycle is quiet the simplest manner to shuffle back and forth over land without inflicting emissions.

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“Simplicity, patience, compassion.
These three are your greatest treasures.
Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.
Patient with both friends and enemies,
you accord with the way things are.
Compassionate toward yourself,
you reconcile all beings in the world.”
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