Expose HN: Retro fashion sport console manufacture on Raspberry Pi Pico

Expose HN: Retro fashion sport console manufacture on Raspberry Pi Pico

About GameTiger Console

A Retro fashion sport console designed and constructed fully for tutorial aim and enjoyable. Within the heart of the application is the RP2040 MCU and is constructed the utilize of readily available in the market particular person modules. The total aim of the project is to establish all the pieces commence offer and add extra retro games.

GameTiger Console

Ingredient specification

  • MCU RP2040
    • 32-bit dual ARM Cortex-M0+ Microcontroller
    • 133 MHz Clock flee
    • 264 KB SRAM
    • 2 MB flash storage
    • 26 GPIO pins
  • LCD indicate module by Waveshare
    • Option: 240×320
    • Shade: 65Okay RGB (16bit RGB565)
    • Interface: SPI
    • Driver: ST7789
    • Backlight: LED
    • Running voltage: 3.3V/5V
  • Tactile Buttons
  • LiPo SHIM for Pico by Pimoroni
    • MCP73831 charger
    • XB6096I2S battery protector
    • Helps battery stage measuring on VSYS pin
  • Witty Fox Li-Ion Battery
    • Voltage: 3.7v
    • Capability: 1000 mAh


The elements are in keeping with frequent interfaces and thus nothing sophisticated in wiring. You may well well well perhaps moreover feel free to make utilize of varied GPIO pins in keeping with lot of tutorials but here’s what I’ve old and configured in the application as default.

Ingredient Pin Pico GPIO Description
LCD VCC VSYS Power Enter
GND GND Ground
DIN GP11 MOSI pin of SPI, records transmitted
CLK GP10 SCK pin of SPI, clock pin
CS GP9 Chip choice of SPI, low active
DC GP8 Info/Voice preserve watch over pin (Excessive:records; Low: insist)
RST GP12 Reset pin, low active
BL GP13 Backlight preserve watch over
Buttons Up GPIO2 Up button in the keypad
Down GPIO0 Down button in the keypad
Left GPIO1 Left button in the keypad
Honest GPIO3 Honest button in the keypad
A GPIO4 A (Action) button in the keypad
B GPIO5 B (Attend) button in the keypad
LiPo SHIM Straight mounted on Pico in keeping with datasheet


The appliance is manufacture the utilize of Pico C++ SDK and has the conventional hardware interfacing functionalities implemented. For an example, the in fashion Snake sport is available in the market. The below modules are ready available in the market and is repeatedly under construction.

  • Running System Drivers
    • Expose driver
    • Button interrupts
    • Battery management gadget driver
  • Framebuffer Library
    • Helps transparency
    • Streaming to point memory the utilize of DMA
    • Plan primitives (Line, Rect, Accept as true with Rect)
    • Helps drawing photography with alpha channel
  • Sprite sheet
    • Pink meat up for sprite sheet
    • Frequent tilemap toughen
  • Font gadget in keeping with Sprite sheet
  • Menu gadget
    • Video games
    • Hardware config
      • Expose brightness
      • Expose sleep time after relate of being inactive

The appliance is properly optimised to assemble a target of 30 frames per 2d. The Snake sport achieves bigger than 44 FPS on a default settings without overclocking.

Most up-to-the-minute Utter

GameTiger Console

Bag your favourite games

For these who engage to contribute to this repo, please feel free to enforce your favourite games and send a pull anticipate.

To Attain

  • Add extra games
  • Make Case in CAD application for 3d printing
  • Make PCB for preserving all elements together


The total project is commence-sourced application licensed under the MIT license.

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