Expose HN: I’m writing a free e-book known as Computer Networks from Scratch

Occupy you ever in fact wished to know what happens when you happen to click on a hyperlink, enter a search term, or add
photos to the cloud?

Then here’s the e-book for you!

Computer Networks From Scratch is a tour of the inside of workings of the suited computer network of all of them–the cyber net.
On the replacement hand, the cyber net wasn’t in-built a day. It be the outcome of a protracted time of inventions and discoveries constructing on every other.

The finest technique to admire it is to retrace that direction, so we’ll launch from scratch assuming no prior networking knowledge.
First we’ll fabricate an instance system that can allow two of us to ship messages the utilization of plastic tubing and marbles
as a change of wires and electrical indicators.
Then we’ll regularly work our way as a lot as something resembling a bid-of-the-art work computer network within the early 1960s. Eventually we’ll
fabricate on top of that foundation until we have an in-depth knowing of the novel cyber net.

Every matter is defined in clear, easy to admire language, and the e-book is stuffed with priceless hand drawn illustrations
(painstakingly crafted by me) to data the way in which.

The principle 3 chapters are performed, and I will launch recent chapters on a each day basis. For now only the rep version is on hand (this can even honest remain free and not utilizing a waste in sight).
The PDF, e-e-book, and print versions will be on hand rapidly for a fee.

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