Expose HN: Budibase – birth-supply Retool alternative – originate their Public API

Expose HN: Budibase – birth-supply Retool alternative – originate their Public API


The low code platform you will revel in the use of

Budibase is an birth supply low-code platform, and one of the best doubtless technique to manufacture internal apps that beef up productivity.

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Budibase design ui

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Code of conduct

Open – we host (Budibase Cloud)
Open – you host (Docker, K8s, DO)
Characteristic request
Document a laptop virus
Make stronger: Discussions


Do and ship actual instrument

Unlike a huge selection of platforms, with Budibase you manufacture and ship single web jabber capabilities. Budibase capabilities luxuriate in efficiency baked in and would possibly possibly well furthermore be designed responsively, providing your customers with a loyal skills.

Open supply and extensible

Budibase is birth-supply – licensed as GPL v3. This must mute web you with self belief that Budibase will consistently be around. You would possibly possibly well furthermore code against Budibase or fork it and extinguish adjustments as you please, providing a developer-gracious skills.

Load knowledge or open up from scratch

Budibase pulls in knowledge from extra than one sources, including MongoDB, CouchDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Airtable, S3, DynamoDB, or a REST API. And never like a huge selection of platforms, with Budibase you can open up from scratch and originate industry apps without a knowledge sources. Quiz new knowledge sources.

Budibase data

Do and manufacture apps with indispensable pre-made ingredients

Budibase comes out of the box with beautifully designed, indispensable ingredients which you would possibly use esteem constructing blocks to manufacture your UI. We furthermore uncover masses of your favourite CSS styling alternate choices so that it’s doubtless you’ll trudge that extra ingenious mile. Quiz new component.

Budibase design

Automate processes, integrate with a huge selection of tools, and fasten to webhooks

Keep time by automating handbook processes and workflows. From connecting to webhooks, to automating emails, merely uncover Budibase what to discontinuance and let it give you the results you want. You would possibly possibly well without issues originate new automations for Budibase here or Quiz new automation.

Budibase automations

Integrate with your favourite tools

Budibase integrates with a alternative of standard tools allowing you to manufacture apps that completely match your stack.

Budibase integrations

Admin paradise

Budibase is made to scale. With Budibase, you can self-host in your believe infrastructure and globally explain up customers, onboarding, SMTP, apps, groups, theming and extra. You would possibly possibly well furthermore provide customers/groups with an app portal and disseminate user-administration to the team manager.

Budibase Public API

As with one thing that we manufacture in Budibase, our new public API is easy to use, flexible, and introduces new extensibility. To summarize, the Budibase API enables:

  • Budibase as a backend
  • Interoperability


You would possibly possibly well be taught extra about the Budibase API at the next locations:


Budibase data

🏁 Open

Deploy Budibase self-hosted in your existing infrastructure, the use of Docker, Kubernetes, and Digital Ocean.
Or use Budibase Cloud in the occasion you operate now not have to self-host, and would make a selection to open up fleet.

Open with self-webhosting Budibase

Open with Budibase Cloud

🎓 Studying Budibase

The Budibase documentation lives here.

💬 Neighborhood

As soon because it’s doubtless you’ll possibly well in actual fact luxuriate in a question or would make a selection to discuss with a huge selection of Budibase customers and join our team, please hop over to Github discussions

Code of conduct

Budibase is dedicated to providing a welcoming, diverse, and harrassment-free skills for each person. We query each person in the Budibase team to abide by our Code of Habits. Please read it.

🙌 Contributing to Budibase

From opening a laptop virus narrative to developing a pull request: every contribution is most popular and welcomed. As soon because it’s doubtless you’ll possibly well also be planning to implement a new procedure or alternate the API please originate an argument first. This system we are in a position to guarantee that your work is now not in vain.

Now not Clear The put to Open?

A first rate plight to open up contributing, is the First time disorders mission.

How the repository is organized

Budibase is a monorepo managed by lerna. Lerna manages the constructing and publishing of the budibase capabilities. At a excessive stage, here are the capabilities that extinguish up Budibase.

  • capabilities/builder – contains code for the budibase builder client aspect svelte application.

  • capabilities/client – A module that runs in the browser liable for reading JSON definition and developing living, breathing web apps from it.

  • capabilities/server – The budibase server. This Koa app is liable for serving the JS for the builder and budibase apps, besides providing the API for interplay with the database and file gadget.

For extra knowledge, peer CONTRIBUTING.md

📝 License

Budibase is birth-supply, licensed as GPL v3. The client and component libraries are licensed as MPL – so the apps that you simply manufacture would possibly possibly well also furthermore be licensed alternatively you esteem.

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time

As soon because it’s doubtless you’ll possibly well also be having disorders between updates of the builder, please use the tips here to definite down your ambiance.


Thanks goes to those edifying other folks (emoji key):

This mission follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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