Ex-Theranos computer brought to computer repair place, data intact

Ex-Theranos computer brought to computer repair place, data intact

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Ding ding ding!

My computer security courses talked surprisingly little about technology (I mean it was still mostly technology but not nearly as much as you might think). The major security issues confronting IT experts today are all social.

We were taught that if a machine was physically in the hands of an unknown actor we should assume it is compromised and act accordingly.

This is with BitLocker / fileVault on by default

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maybe fixing it causes bigger issues. like microsoft excel still thinks to this day that 29th of February 1900 is a real day. and there is probably some small company that uses that bug and if microsoft would fix the bug that it copied from lotus 1-2-3 in 87, competing program, it would probably ruin some important documents in the world.

like you cant name file in windows as CON,AUX,PRN,LST,COM0 to COM9, LPT0 to LPT9 or NULL cause you can find windows 3.1 file selection from 92 in windows 10 today if you know where to look and it ran on MS-DOS. cause there has to be some windows 10 pcs with parallel ports…

the right arrow doesn’t exist in my keyboard for some reason and i dont want to google for it.

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