Elaborate HN: A poem interior HTTP response headers

(a poem)Jacob Evelyn“HTTP/2 204” is a poem that lives entirely within the headers of an HTTP response.What does that mean?When you visit any website, that site’s servers send your device an HTTP response containing the website data. This response also contains metadata in various “header” fields which help your browser to fetch and display the…

Elaborate HN: A poem interior HTTP response headers

These plugins are comparatively good.

(a poem)

Jacob Evelyn

“HTTP/2 204” is a poem that lives utterly interior the headers of an HTTP response.

What does that mean?

If you talk to any net pages, that arena’s servers send your instrument an HTTP response containing the salvage pages knowledge. This response also contains metadata in diversified “header” fields which support your browser to build up and explain the shriek material accurately.

As an illustration, the response from https://poets.org contains seventeen diversified headers—some accepted (a lot like date or shriek material-type) and some non-accepted (a lot like cf-ray or question-ct). Non-accepted headers are on the total for informational functions or behavior no longer supported by every browser.

The poem

I silent this poem utterly from accepted HTTP response headers. When the poem’s URL is requested, my server sends a “no shriek material” HTTP response (build code 204, the exhaust of the HTTP/2 protocol) whose headers compose the poem. You need to well well additionally peep the poem on your computer’s constructed-in terminal by working the following uncover:

curl --head https://ja.cob.land/http2-204

HTTP/2 204 date: a sort of frigid Saturdays in November age: correct grew to alter into 27 arena: Messina's Trailer Park on Southside Force trailer: 1967 Elcona single-wide (no longer as scandalous because it sounds) server: at the Neptune Diner till I will fetch published shriek material-disposition: within the slack autumn of my discontent accept-patch: if it contains nicotine tk: oh shit I could well well beget to silent build something here expires: in my sleep I'm hoping

How attain I bustle that?

First, originate your computer’s constructed-in terminal:

  • On macOS it’s an software program known as Terminal.
  • On Windows it’s both Characterize On the spot or Windows Terminal.
  • On Chrome OS apply these instructions.

Then, paste (or type) the uncover above and press enter.

Sign that some computer techniques beget older variations of curl that could well well additionally regulate the poem somewhat by the exhaust of HTTP/1.1, including a connection header, or alphabetizing the header fields.

To apply my subsequent journey,

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