Eight Hundred Employees resign after WhiteHat Jr asks them to work from office

Eight Hundred Employees resign after WhiteHat Jr asks them to work from office
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As the Covid situation has improved, several companies have already called their employees to office, ending the work from home (WFH).

However, it seems some employees want to work from home further. Recently, hundreds of employees have resigned when a company asked them to come to the office.

Over 800 WhiteHat Jr employees have resigned from the kids online coding learning edtech start-Up in the last two months after being asked to work from office.

This comes after WhiteHat Jr, a platform which was acquired by BYJU’S in 2020, asked its employees to return to office within a month’s time, according to an Inc42 report.

On March 18, the company announced the policy to end work from home and asked remote employees to return to office by April 18.

The resignations came from full-time employees of the sales, coding, and math teams. More employees are expected to put down their papers in the coming months.

One of the employees who resigned told the Website that a month’s time was not enough for relocation. “Some have kids, some have aged and sick parents, while others have other responsibilities. It is not right to call back employees in such a short period of time,” the former WhiteHat Jr employee said.

Another employee said salaries also factored in the decision to not return to the office. At the time of hiring, employees were told about their job location – WhiteHat Jr has offices in Gurugram, Mumbai and Bengaluru. However, after working from home for two years, employees believed that their salaries should be revised to reflect the cost of living in expensive cities.

“This was a well-planned and managed layoff that WhiteHat Jr did,” a former employee remarked.

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