Eberhard Faber Pencil Names and Model Numbers

Eberhard Faber Pencil Names and Model Numbers

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March 17, 2022

The Blackwing 602 — one of the most famous pencils of all time — stands alone in many ways, but it was actually part of a larger line of pencils. The 602 part of the name wasn’t there just for style purposes, there were other pencils in the numbers directly before and after the Blackwing.

Eberhard Faber 1930 Catalog

Here are the Eberhard Faber pencil numbers, in order. This isn’t a full list, but we’ll outline the notable pencils and expand the list as we learn about more.


225: Marigold #2 pencil with a round body240: Marigold #2 with a hexagonal body265: Marigold #2 with a hexagonal body and an oversized eraser300: Dot. A round pencil with a spiral “fluted” finish. Early models had an extended ferrule342: Eberhard Faber #2 round Gilt pencil375B: The Commerce pencil with a black finish375N: The Commerce pencil with a natural finish434: The Empress #2 pencil in green465: Columbia: A red, white, and blue round pencil480: Mongol #2 School, a round pencil481: Mongol Drawing pencil. Hexagonal, yellow body. No eraser or ferrule482: The classic Mongol #2. A classic yellow pencil the Eberhard Faber sold for many years. Hexagonal body, black ferrule with a gold band483: Great Mongol: Wider than normal diameter Mongol484: Mongol #2 School pencil488: Mongolette. A #2 Mongol pencil but with a reduced width body493: Ray. A round pencil with an orange finish494: Roundabout. A round pencil with a green body and a shiny gold ferrule496: Hexaround. A hexagonal #2 pencil with rounded corners580: Sales Book. A round pencil with grey paint and a shiny gold ferrule595: Stenographic: Sharpener on both side, round body, medium-soft lead596: Mongol Stenographic pencil600: The Van Dyke hexagonal pencil. Later made with “Hi-Density” Microtomic graphite. No ferrule or eraser. Sold in 17 degrees, from 6B to 9H601: Van Dyke pencil with a flat ferrule, similar to the Blackwing 602. Yellow polish602: The Blackwing603: A Microtomic pencil with a flat ferrule. The Van Dyke branding was dropped for this pencil702: Mongol copying pencil with a yellow body711: Mongol copying pencil with a red body717: Van Dyke copying pencil751: Eberhard Faber Transfer Ink pencil1188: Marigold. A hexagonal yellow pencil with a shiny, gold ferrule1240: Marigold #3 pencil with a natural-colored hexagonal body6370: Elementary: An extra wide pencil for beginner writers6379: Black Knight: Round body with a extra large diameter, very soft lead6649: Marking Weatherproof: Extra wide pencil with waterproof leadAccessories And Accessorized Pencils

1501: Pocket Pencil: A half-sized pencil with a point protector with a built-in eraser1548B: Flat Pocket pencil with extendable clamp eraser1571C: Extra Large Mongol Eraser pocket pencil1586E: A Van Dyke pencil topped with a nickel letter opener1671: Pencil point protector with extra large eraser1681: Pencil LengthenerPlease note: Most of these descriptions are based on the Eberhard Faber 1930 catalog. Some of the pencils changed over time so the descriptions won’t be accurate for the entire life of the product.

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