Dum: An NPM scripts runner written in Rust

Dum: An NPM scripts runner written in Rust

dum replaces npm recede and npx.
As a change of waiting 200ms on your npm client to commence, this might commence today.

💛 That it is seemingly you’ll advantage the creator change into a fat-time commence-offer maintainer by sponsoring him on GitHub.

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That is written in Rust! (Or any compile-to-native language).

Benchmark (hyperfine "dum foo" "npm recede foo" --warmup 10):

Recount Point out [ms] Min [ms] Max [ms] Relative
dum foo 41.7 ± 1.2 39.8 44.6 1.00
npm recede foo 333.7 ± 2.0 330.0 336.0 8.01 ± 0.23



brew set Up egoist/faucet/dum


curl -sSL | sh


GitHub Releases

Rep a free up manually and pass it to /usr/native/bin manually.


dum [...args_to_forward]: Crawl npm scripts or scripts in node_modules/.bin, cherish myth recede, npm recede, npx.

In expose so that you can scamper flags to dum itself, cherish the -c flag to commerce directory, potentialities are you’ll devour to aloof put it sooner than the script establish, cherish dum -c one other/directory script_name --forward some_flag.


dum some-npm-script

dum some-npm-script --flags will --be forwarded
# Treasure npx, nonetheless mush sooner
dum some-npm-equipment-cli-establish --flags will --be forwarded

# Swap working directory
dum -c programs/sub-equipment receive

# Extra
dum --advantage

Install Packages

Dum is no longer a equipment manager but, nonetheless we forward set Up, add, expend commands to npm, pnpm and myth robotically:

# Crawl `npm i` or `myth` or `pnpm i` reckoning on the venture
dum set Up # or `dum i`
# Treasure above nonetheless add programs
dum add react vue -D

dum expend react vue



I are seeking to are attempting to learn Rust so I made this. Impressed by bun.





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