HackedDjokovic's PCR test was manipulated?

Djokovic’s PCR test was manipulated?


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Something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot.

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  1. "Absolutely wrong.
    Timestamp is the time of pdf download. Everytime you repeat the process timestamp will change.
    Difference in confirmation code is because he used 2 different state labs on 16th and 22nd.
    Very poor analysis, I have to conclude."[1]

    "You need to understand that these papers are not fakes. Both tests, database records as well as pdf certificates are 100% legit.
    He and his family have enough influence in state institutions to organize 100% original PCR certificate but with false positive result."[2]

    "I have now checked your theory with my PCR test from October 1st. I have downloaded it now from http://e-zdravlje.gov.rs, scan QR code and timestamp from URL is 1641917096 (Tue Jan 11 2022 16:04:56 GMT). So timestamp in URL is not when test is done, but when test is downloaded"[3]




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