LifestyleDIY Onewheel – begin-source self balancing skateboard

DIY Onewheel – begin-source self balancing skateboard


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The goal of this mission is to create a self balancing skateboard with one central hub motor. This board has performance traits an identical to what’s readily accessible in business items. That is a prototype version and as such there are a quantity of issues that would perhaps be and must indifferent be improved. I if truth be told hold released the create files as begin source on the github online page for byte sized. I hope that others will hold this foundation and make and piece their hold improvements to the create. I tried to make snarl of cloth and tools which would perhaps be readily readily accessible to the general maker. This involves many 3D printed aspects. Offers love PETG, or PLA don’t overview in strength and durability to a quantity of provides, but I made a decision that a 3D printing procedure would allow extra of us to make this mission.

Portion 1

I needed to test the hub motor to head hunting for if I could per chance per chance presumably accept it to breeze up and modify the streak. In expose to reach this I needed to create a test fixture that could per chance per chance presumably set up the wheel and motor above my workbench. I quick threw together a pair of 2×4’s into a “U” shape and drilled holes for the axle. Then I clamped the fixture to my workbench to make it real

Next I removed the ring terminals on the hub motor and soldered on banana bullet connectors in its place. I also spliced a jst-ph connector for the hall discontinuance sensor in the hub motor. I linked the electronic dart controller (VESC) to the motor and acquired it to breeze up. Next I added an inertial measurement unit (IMU) which sends the angular plight to the VESC to assist it steadiness. I loaded the VESC Tool utility on my pc and followed the legit documentation. I also stumbled on some YouTube movies that hold been precious in putting in place the steadiness app on the VESC. With this portion done I linked some force sensitive resistors to the VESC. These feature as a security switch, and the motors isn’t any longer going to be enabled until the rider’s foot is absolutely masking each and every sensors.

portion 2

I started by designing the frame and enclosures on the pc the snarl of CAD instrument. I spent a wide quantity of time planning how everything would work and match together. As soon as the create used to be done I drilled the entire holes I needed in some 1in x 2in aluminum rectangular tubing to make snarl of for the facet rails. Next I 3D printed the front and rear enclosures, front and rear bumpers, front and rear footpads, and electronics platform and assembled all of them alongside with the facet rails. I fed the battery extension wires thru the facet rail, as successfully because the motor wires. I added some fundamental security points in conjunction with an inline fuse, and an anti spark switch for the energy button. At this level the mission used to be willing to test. I rode the Openwheel across the neighborhood and everything seem to work as designed!

Portion 3

I needed to understand the performance traits and fee comparability between the self balancing skateboard that I built and the Onewheel XR. The board I built uses an 800W brushless DC hub motor when when in contrast with the 750W hypercore brushless DC motor in the Onewheel XR. This board has a rather smaller tire than the XR. So some distance because the battery goes, the XR has a 324Wh nickel manganese cobalt oxide battery (that’s a mouthful!) whereas the one I built has a 960Wh Lithium Ion battery pack. The 3x capability must indifferent mean a mighty additional vary in the board I built. This battery has a indispensable downside in the case of a size and weight comparability. It necessitated a a lot bigger size than I needed, but this used to be a tradeoff that I used to be willing to make. The XR is 30in long and weighs about 27lbs whereas the board I built is 37in long and weighs 34lbs. Each and every boards hold a max dart of about 18mph, which is ridiculously lickety-split in my glimpse. 12mph is a lot extra in my comfort zone! I haven’t been in a plight to measure the fat vary which would entail monitoring my distance whereas running out a absolutely charged battery. After I if truth be told hold this knowledge I’ll encompass it right here. My assist of the envelope estimation is between 40-60 miles whereas the XR claims to hold a vary of 12-18 miles. Each and every hub motors snarl discipline oriented modify motor controllers which present better torque at lower speeds when when when in contrast with extinct BLDC profiles. I keep apart in for my portion addressable RGB LEDs for the front and taillights. This means I will program fun animations reckoning on utilizing prerequisites or preference. I’m no longer fantastic what the XR has to present in this division.

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This create required many tools. I tried to make snarl of issues that the general maker would hold. Issues love woodworking tools, a drill, 3D printer, soldering iron, etc. Whereas you love to hold a Onewheel, but you would want gotten by no procedure built something else love this and you aren’t drawn to studying the process, right here’s no longer the mission for you. On the a quantity of hand, whenever you love the to topic solve and hold an curiosity in studying a pair of of the means you’ve considered in this mission, I’d imply taking this on. It used to be mammoth fun to create, and very rewarding to total. I if truth be told hold had a blast zooming around in the neighborhood. Whereas you would love to make your hold I imply shopping for the digital create facts that I if truth be told hold linked above. I keep apart a wide quantity of time into documenting my create process. Whereas you would want gotten the procedure, I’d if truth be told love your give a lift to in that procedure.

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