HistoryDivulge HN: StreamDuo – A platform for B2B data...

Divulge HN: StreamDuo – A platform for B2B data streaming


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Thanks for reaching out, we will be able to be involved quickly!

StreamDuo is a platform for B2B data integration. Connect again-stay programs and stream data alongside with your companions in staunch-time, using easy APIs

Strive it for Free


Replace data with companions in staunch-time, for seamless integration.


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We stay the work of API hosting, permitting you to expend easy API clients to originate exchanging data in minutes.


Granular management of authentication within the StreamDuo console affords you complete control over data gain admission to.

Let’s Focus on about Your Utilize Case

Gain a 1:1 introduction to what StreamDuo can stay for you.

How it Works

With StreamDuo you write data to a deepest stream using easy APIs. While you grant gain admission to to your companions, they’ll study those data using flexible APIs to fit any expend case.

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Streams could perchance be frail as..

A Streaming Files Provide

Ballotfor novel data in staunch-time for a streaming data integration.

A Genuine-Time Database

Read anyone data esteem a old database or API.

Be taught Extra

StreamDuo in Action

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Take into memoir our expend cases for a deep dive on how StreamDuo can solve data integration.

Be a part of the pack! Be a part of 8000+ others registered users, and gain chat, fabricate groups, publish updates and fabricate guests around the enviornment!

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  1. Hi HN, I Wanted to share and (hopefully) get some feedback on a new project. When working with partners, I always found it tough to prioritize an API build for backend integration. StreamDuo aims to take the API hosting off your hands, and lets you do backend data integration using simple API clients.

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