Distinguish between pure and impure functions

Distinguish between pure and impure functions
  1. For every (possibly erased and/or context) function class

    XFunctionN, generate an alias ImpureXFunctionN in the Scala package defined as

    type ImpureXFunctionN[...] = {*} XFunctionN[...]
  2. Introduce -> and ?-> function operators, treated by default like => and ?=>.

  3. Under -Ycc treat -> and ?-> as immutable function types, whereas A => B

    is an alias of {*} A -> B and A ?=> B is an alias of {*} A ?-> B. For instance,

    A -> B maps to Function1[A, B] whereas A => B now maps to ImpureFunction1[A, B].

Closures are unaffected, we still use => for all closures whether they are pure or not.

Also: improve printing of capturing types, so that we use native capturing syntax instead of

explicit @retains under -Ycc even before phase cc.

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