HistoryDisplay veil HN: Clone your divulge and talk a...

Display veil HN: Clone your divulge and talk a foreign language


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Smartly-known particular person

Shock what you sound esteem talking a foreign language?

To find out with 🐸YourTTS, Coqui’s most fresh Textual suppose material-to-Speech mannequin.

We respect your privateness, so we develop no longer save any audio you upload 💚

Be part of the pack! Be part of 8000+ others registered users, and regain chat, develop teams, post updates and develop company right thru the world!

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  1. Interesting. I like the addition of music to make sure it's not just a raw voice sample. The output I get seems to be a mix of a native speaker and my voice, because my (thick) accent is being filtered out.

    I suppose that if I ever take proper English pronunciation classes, I now know what to strive for.

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