Display HN: Turn Jupyter Notebook to interactive web app and portion without a-coders

Display HN: Turn Jupyter Notebook to interactive web app and portion without a-coders


Mercury is the finest arrangement to flip your Python notebooks
interactive web applications and submit to the cloud

Step 1: Accomplish a notebook

  • Accomplish a Python notebook as phenomenal 🖥️
  • Set variables for tweaking in a separate code cell

Create notebook

Step 2: Add YAML config

  • Add YAML config in the most most principal RAW cell
  • Feature app title and outline
  • Add interactive widgets to notebook
  • Widget title must be the identical as variable 📝
title: My app title 🚀
description: Files app with many calculations
        input: textual sigh material 
        trace: Please present textual sigh material

Create notebook

Step 3: Delivery up Mercury

  • Delivery up Mercury server in the neighborhood
  • Easy expose: mercury bustle notebook.ipynb
  • The on-line app is working at

Start Mercury with command line

Step 4: Web App is prepared! 🚀

  • User can tweak widgets’ parameters
  • Click Bustle   to enact the notebook with new values
  • Notebook is accomplished from the tip to the underside

Web App is ready!

Widgets as YAML

Textual sigh material

    input: textual sigh material 
    trace: Right here's textual sigh material trace 
	charge: some textual sigh material

Text widget in Mercury

Clutch out

    input: blueprint end 
    trace: Right here's blueprint end trace 
	charge: Cześć
	selections: [Cześć, Hi, Hello]

Select widget in Mercury


    input: slider 
    trace: Right here's slider trace 
    charge: 5
    min: 0
    max: 10

Slider widget in Mercury


    input: file 
    trace: Right here's file trace 

File upload widget in Mercury


    input: numeric 
    trace: Right here's numeric trace 
	charge: 5.5
    min: 0.0
    max: 10.0
    step: 0.1

Numeric widget in Mercury


    input: checkbox 
    trace: Right here's checkbox trace 
    charge: Correct

Checkbox widget in Mercury

📚 Test documentation

Mercury multiple notebooks apps

Succor a pair of notebooks

That you just would be succesful of most likely host limitless quantity of notebooks apps

  • Piece as many applications as you need
  • Use constructed-in application gallery

Display or conceal code 👀

That you just would be succesful of most likely serve a notebook with code for technical customers.

For non-programmers you would also conceal the code to no longer dread them 😉

It’s as easy as environment one parameter exhibit-code in the YAML

Mercury multiple notebooks apps

Mercury multiple notebooks apps

Mercury multiple notebooks apps

⬇️ Download accomplished notebook

  • User can tweak parameters and enact the notebook
  • The following notebook can even furthermore be downloaded as single HTML file 💾

Mercury multiple notebooks apps

🔑 Authentication

  • That you just would be succesful of most likely role who can concentrate to your notebooks
  • Succor a watch on notebook earn entry to with portion parameter in YAML
  • Accomplish customers in Admin Panel
  • Stable the reference to SSL

Piece notebook with chosen customers 👧👦

title: Secret app 
description: My app with secret 
portion: alice, bob
    # widgets code ...

Piece notebook with authenticated customers fully 🔒

title: Secret app 
description: My app with secret 
portion: deepest
    # widgets code ...

Embed interactive notebooks

That you just would be succesful of most likely embed your interactive notebooks on any web pages.

Below is embedded application fabricated from notebook

with calculator construct vs bewitch for Mercury commercial license.

Mercury multiple notebooks apps

Originate Source Core

The core of Mercury is Originate Source below AGPLv3.
We present Mercury Worthy with extra substances, dedicated beef up and expedient commercial license.

  • That you just would be succesful of most likely exercise Mercury OSS without cost
  • It’s easy to self-host on VPS
  • Test Mercury Worthy for more substances

Mercury multiple notebooks apps

Easy to deploy

Mercury web framework can even furthermore be without anguish deployed in production

  • Deploy to production by copying notebooks and necessities.txt to the server
  • Deploy with mercury bustle or docker-produce
  • HTTPS beef up with certificates from Let’s Encrypt

Mercury demo

Test the demo

Demo at

  • No must register
  • Demo working loads of notebooks-apps
  • Working on diminutive VPS (2GB RAM and 2 vCPUs)

Comming almost today substances

We are engaged on

  • Download accomplished notebook as PDF
  • Extra widgets (textual sigh material arena, file upload) Finished!
  • Authentication Finished!
  • Customers permissions Finished!
  • Scheduling
  • Electronic mail notifications

Whilst you would like characteristic seek files from please contact us.

Mercury demo

End in contact 📨

In expose for you to be notified about our products please subscribe to the newsletter.

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