Disney Filmmaking Assignment

Disney Filmmaking Assignment

Mirabel sketch

What goes into making an intelligent movie?

Each division works collectively to carry us the monumental portray. From sequence to shot to physique, the movie comes collectively by the deep collaboration between everyone on the studio.

An intelligent movie is roughly 90 minutes prolonged.

Encanto has a entire hurry time of 90 minutes and 28 seconds

A movie is smooth of many sequences.

Each sequence is roughly 1 to 7 minutes prolonged.

Encanto had 40 sequences that ranged from 24 seconds to actual below 6 minutes.

Each sequence is made up of many photographs.

A shot, which is one digicam setup, is mostly 0 to 30 seconds prolonged.

Welcome to the Family Madrigal! contains 82 photographs and is 4 minutes and 3 seconds prolonged.

There are 24 frames in one 2d of animation.

Each physique is on veil for roughly 0.04 seconds.


Encanto had 133,709 frames.

Stereo 3D accounts for a left compare and pretty compare to compose depth.

Click on on the portray below to toggle between the left compare and pretty compare pictures.

Left eye image
Right eye image


There are 267,418 entire frames rendered for Stereo 3D.

Mirabel storyboard

Mirabel final frame

From storyboard to closing physique, every movie takes an moderate of three to 5 years to compose what you glimpse on veil.

And it all begins with an conception.


Growing the conception

Our filmmaking direction of begins in Trend, the build our storytellers begin to craft the story, and our artists present an explanation for the survey of the characters and worlds.

Encanto editorial

Shaping the Myth

Editorial and Sound groups piece collectively evolving myth solutions, guiding production.

Editorial & Sound

Learn & Experiences

In preparation for and at some level of production, the Manufacturing Training and Trend group offers training in filmmaking, art, storytelling, and tools by experiences, lessons, lectures, workshops, arena trips and screenings. 

Recording Studio

Finding the Voices

Respiratory lifestyles into our characters by the suitable actors.


Exploring our Legacy

The Walt Disney Animation Learn Library is home to over 65,000,000 resources from Disney Animation’s nearly hundred-365 days history, and is a handy resource for our artists and filmmakers to salvage at some level of production.

Animation Research Library collection

Building the Basis

Expertise is on the root of all things created within our pipeline. By diagram of an empathetic methodology, Technologists work to operate and compose working environments that allow artists to operate their handiest work.

Pre-Manufacturing Technologies

Asset Creation

Entering the third dimension

As soon as pattern is on direction, our artists flip our visible pattern and plot drawings into three-dimensional characters and environments by creating the models, rigs, and textures that outline the survey of the realm being created.

Production Management

Keeping it on Song

Monumental communicators, strategists, and organizers, Manufacturing Management is swiftly to acknowledge to ever-changing schedules.

Manufacturing Management

Strategizing Alternate choices

Stewards of the pipeline, Technical Administrators solve concerns and sort out contemporary and challenging challenges by a mix of tool building, pork up, and instrument pattern. 

Technical Direction

Crafting Next Expertise Workflows

The partnership between Art work and Expertise is within the help of the handiest of what we compose. By diagram of end working relationships between our artists and technologists, we plot groundbreaking tools and workflows that allow us to salvage ideas we can optimize the introduction direction of.

Instruments & Toughen

Shot Manufacturing

Inserting it collectively, physique by physique

As soon as our characters had been crafted and our environments realized, we begin the direction of of making the scenes that will comprise our movie. Shot Manufacturing entails the work of many animators and technicians who carry sequences to lifestyles in the total lot from a personality’s acting to the good dinky print in their hair, clothing and the realm.

Greater Optimistic, Faster Iterations

Disney Animation’s Expertise groups absorb created a handiest-in-class shot pattern ride. Their focus will not be perfect the ease of recordsdata derive actual of entry to and collaboration, nevertheless additionally the protection and security of our recordsdata. With the artist in thoughts, technologies are presented or improved upon to allow greater quality visualization and faster iteration of the closing, rendered shot.

Collaboration & Rendering Technologies

Encanto post production

The Ending Touches

Shaping the movie by closing birth of portray and sound.

Publish Manufacturing


When a production wraps, the art and resources created for our motion photographs are organized and archived so the Walt Disney Animation Learn Library can make them accessible to your entire Walt Disney Firm for inspiration and reference.

Animation Research Library collections

Bringing It All Together

And at closing, by the deep collaboration between Manufacturing, Expertise, and with the pork up of everyone on the Studio Teams, our appealing characters advance along with their plausible worlds, to describe the compelling tales that become phase of our motion photographs at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Encanto: Now taking part in in theaters.

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