Discuss the ways in which posting regular content on online platforms, such as blogs, vlogs etc., can help with the growth of your business. What are some key elements to keep in mind, so that attention gained remains positive?


Posting regular content online makes a business appear updated, working and creates a psychological impact in minds of users, which makes them feel like your business is leader in the field with latest knowledge. Let’s look at more points, how posting regular content helps in growth of businesses and the key elements  to keep in mind to gain very positive recurring attention.

1. Keeping customers updated: Making your articles, vlogs or any content updated with current trends and knowledge will make readers come to your business more often as they will think about your business first when it come to their  needs, this reaction can be improved further by introducing your own business at the end of content to introduce users with your business as well, when they come to read or listen to knowledge or your content, you can add your own target links into the bottom or to the end of content to make users go ahead and find the solution to their problem. Some famous businesses add email form or contact form at the end of content or some businesses encourage users to comment in their vlogs. These all strategies helps businesses to get even more leads and therefore more revenue in return.

2. You create awareness for your business: When you post regular online content that is  better in quality that other similar businesses than, this strategy creates a positive audience for your business and by creating content online, a person can create awareness in commoditized or a cluttered market space by calling out their business names and purpose again and again and therefore make a place in minds of people for the same.

3. Regular content can help in building PR: Public relations is a big deal when it comes to creating good relations inside market, its very important, because connections brings you business always, and to make connections you should be ready and open to new conversations, to show this to users, you should always post new updated content that gives value to the users.

Key Elements to increase positive attention according to me are namely-

1. Content freshness
2. Communication till the end
3. Handholding every customer like he’s 5 year old will make process buttery smooth for all
4. Building a lifetime network

Aditya Gaurav

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Aditya Gaurav

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