Diagnosis of Leading Twitter Communities Disseminating ArXiv Info

Diagnosis of Leading Twitter Communities Disseminating ArXiv Info

[Submitted on 15 Dec 2021]

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Abstract: To investigate the impact that arXiv is having on the field, on this paper we
propose an arXiv data distribution mannequin on Twitter, which has a
three-layer structure: arXiv papers, data spreaders, and data
collectors. First, we exercise the HITS algorithm to analysis the arXiv data
diffusion community with users as nodes, which is produced from three kinds of
conduct on Twitter relating to arXiv papers: tweeting, retweeting, and liking.
Subsequent, we extract communities from the community of data spreaders with
obvious authority and hub levels the exercise of the Louvain capability, and analyze the
relationship and roles of data spreaders in communities the exercise of learn
discipline, linguistic, and temporal characteristics. From our analysis the exercise of the
tweet and arXiv datasets, we came upon that data about arXiv papers
circulates on Twitter from data spreaders to data collectors, and
that a few communities of data spreaders are formed in line with
their learn fields. It used to be also came upon that varied communities were formed
in the identical learn discipline, searching on the learn or cultural background of
the sure bet spreaders. We were in a location to title two kinds of key contributors:
data spreaders who lead the related discipline in the worldwide
group and data spreaders who bridge the regional and worldwide
communities the exercise of English and their native language. As well, we came upon that
it takes some time to develop belief as an data spreader.

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From: Mitsuo Yoshida [view email]

Wed, 15 Dec 2021 12: 28: 29 UTC (737 KB)

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