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Technology - January 8, 2021

Desktop GPU’s vs Mobile GPU’s

Today we gonna be looking at how far humans have made technological advancements in the last century?? LOL Let’s take a look at which GPU is the best today for desktops in terms of performance and usage abilities? Also, we will look at their cost to performance ratio and size vs performance ratios.

Firstly, I thought to pick 6900 but, after fighting with my Nvidia friend for a bit, I thought first I need to clear the knowledge gap of which card between them is the pro? that we need for our tests?

Making it to the best- Nvidia’s RTX 3090 vs  AMD’s RX 6900-XT

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RTX 3090 is a really heavy and hungry power consumer giving you better frame rates than RX 6900-XT in some games, but then also it requires a power supply of 1000W along with an i9 10900K to run at it’s best.

Whereas RX 6900-XT needs only 800w to 850w to give you a similar performance at a lower MRP rate + lower electricity bills, we choose the 6900xt as the best overall GPU in the market right now. Hat’s off to AMD’s RDNA 2 Architectures.

Image source belongs to AMD’s Official Public Release Report.

Completing the discussion of the best desktop GPU here, we can see that winner from our Desktop side will be the AMD RX 6900XT.

I will complete this article soon, thanks for reading! 😀

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