InventionsDerek Lowe is doing an AMA in r/coronavirus at...

Derek Lowe is doing an AMA in r/coronavirus at 3pm ET


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I'm a researcher at Utokyo :) and a big fan of Ava Max

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Show HN: Track the value of any NFT portfolio in real time

Toshiba T1100 – the laptop that was named a milestone of electronic engineering

Dmitrii EliuseevOct 30, 2021· 10 min readA laptop, which was intended “for mobile professionals”, with up to 8 hours...

How to get rid of Ads, In-App Purchases, (All Free) From any Android App using LUCKY PATCHER!!??!?

You can remove google ads from any applications, or else you can make any Android In-App purchase for free using this Application. Just launch it and you will get the jam there!

Your work is not your god: welcome to the age of the burnout epidemic

The rich are irrational when it comes to work. Out of everyone in our society, they have the least need to earn more money, but they work the most.Billionaire tech-industry titans brag about their hundred-hour work weeks, even though their labor isn’t what boosts their companies’ stock prices and enriches them further. Americans with advanced…
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Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya: ‘nobody cares’ about China’s Uyghur genocide

WASHINGTON – Billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya triggered a backlash on social media after saying during a recent episode of his podcast that "nobody cares" about the ongoing human rights abuses against the Uyghurs in China.During a 90-minute episode, Palihapitiya told co-host Jason Calacanis on their "All-In" podcast that he would be lying if he said that…

Show HN: Declarative Instrumentation for Python

Pyccolo is a library for declarative instrumentation in Python; i.e., it lets you specify the what of the instrumentation you wish to perform, and takes care of the how for you. It aims to be ergonomic, composable, and portable, by providing an intuitive interface, making it easy to layer multiple levels of instrumentation, and allowing…

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FD 100

By Susam Pal on 28 Oct 2019I...
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