Demonstrate HN: Monokle, a Kubernetes Manifest IDE


These ingredients are rather easy.

Monokle deal simplifies day to day
Kubernetes manifests tasks

Explanations and suggestions to rapidly repair syntax and reference errors

Syntax or reference error alerts

Explore all of your manifests in the File Explorer

Editor presentations links to other resources merely in the source

Navigator presentations cluster resources grouped by model

Click and secure relationships and dependencies across resources

Hasty rep an outline of K8s resources & their relationships, and name & repair validation errors

Explore all kustomization & patch resources

Explore all resources generated by Kustomize

Commerce kustomizations and leer effects on the generated resources

Debug and validate the output of kustomizations and Helm charts

Diff your native resources against your cluster

Deploy your native resource to your cluster, or change it with the cluster model

Salvage & repair configuration errors. Diff native vs a ways away resources and deploy them.

Regulate your resources straight and without wretchedness the use of each source & assign editors

A checklist of templates gets you started rapidly

Easy-to-use editors & templates to assign obvious only practices & consistency

Salvage alerted about invalid links in each Navigator and the source editor

Acceptable errors + deploy the repair support to your cluster

Rob your cluster and then connect with count on all resources

Interactively to find your cluster resources to secure & repair configuration errors

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