Demonstrate HN: I hang $3K/mo from a browser extension

Jan 3, 2022 Hello everyone! This is Tony 👋 First of all, happy new year! 🎆I wish you and all of your loved one’s health and happiness in the new year!This month’s issue is late because I was on vacation 🥳 I did not take a break after I quit my full-time job in September.In…

Demonstrate HN: I hang $3K/mo from a browser extension

Whats up all americans! Here’s Tony 👋

Initially, tickled novel year! 🎆

I need you and your entire cherished one’s neatly being and happiness within the novel year!

This month’s field is leisurely on fable of I became on bound back and forth 🥳

I did now not consume a rupture after I stop my pudgy-time job in September.

In December, I reached 3K MRR with Sad Magic.

I at final hang the conceitedness to consume things moderately slowly, consume care more of myself, and bound on this bound back and forth I in actuality need.

So what came about in December? In this field, I’ll write about:

  • Magic Sidebar’s commence stats
  • My entire marketing approach for the commence
  • What’s next in 2022

Let’s receive to it! 😄

After 2 months of beta sorting out and searching ahead to Apple to approve the iOS app, I at final launched the most up-to-date made of Sad Magic: Magic Sidebar on Product Hunt! 🥳


🥇 #1 Made from the day (for the final day)

❤️ 1,038 votes

💬 330 feedback

✍️ 29 opinions

🌐 25,946 web pains visits

👥 431 novel customers (trial)

💳 4 novel paid customers

I will report support in 14 days to search out out about what number of % convert!

Thanks, EVERYONE! I am so HAPPY!!! ❤️❤️❤️

With the overwhelming enhance from you all. We now hang got reached:

🥇 #1 Made from the Day

🥈 #2 Made from the Week

🥈 #2 Made from the Month

Thanks, all americans!

Super grateful to have your support! ❤️

Broad grateful to hang your enhance! ❤️

As of now, ~17 days after the commence, listed below are the stats.

Sooner than commence:

  • 👥 1,660 stuffed with life customers
  • 🤝 248 paid customers
  • 💵 $2,164 MRR

Initiating day (16th Dec → 17th Dec):

  • 👥 2,091 stuffed with life customers (431 novel trials enroll)
  • 🤝 252 paid customers
  • 💵 $2,228 MRR

17 days after commence (now):

  • 👥 2,845 stuffed with life customers
  • 🤝 292 paid customers
  • 💵 $3,141 MRR

I wish Paddle give me a better charts so I can zoom in around the launch period 😅

I need Scamper give me a closer charts so I will zoom in spherical the commence period 😅

As which it’s seemingly you’ll well perchance additionally honest detect, a righteous chunk of clients reach some time after the commence. That’s on fable of I hang 14-day trials, and other folks most steadily consume time to evaluate if Sad Magic is price the acquisition.

I ran the numbers for folk who signed up for trials throughout the commence day to search out out about what number of converted after 14 days.

The conversion price is 3.2%, which is a lawful conversion price per other folks on my Twitter 😄

So this day is the tip of the 14 days trial from the Sad Magic’s commence.

14 other folks out of 431 novel sign-americaI hang from the commence subscribed to a paid map.

That’s ~3.2% conversion price.

Here’s enough, I mediate 🤔

I’m more than tickled to explain that here’s a righteous commence! It’s additionally my most productive commence ever on Product Hunt! 😸

Let’s upright receive upright into it: Here is how I attain marketing and all things that contributed to the success of this commence.

1. The background

Sooner than the commence. Even sooner than the beta program. Even additional than that. I constructed an audience on Twitter. From this tweet, which it’s seemingly you’ll well perchance additionally glimpse that I had 13.9K followers when I started the beta program 2 months ago.

That’s no longer a shrimp audience at all, and the success of the beta program and the commence are heavily plagued by the present audience I hang.

That’s what which it’s seemingly you’ll well perchance additionally honest easy attain, even while you happen to don’t hang any product as we speak: building an audience.

(I map to jot down about my creep building an audience on Twitter at some level, this field is already too prolonged! – Preserve tuned! 😊)

2. The free customers

I hang ~6,500 free customers sooner than the beta program. Most are other folks who consume the hundreds of fun parts of Sad Magic love Profile Progress Bar, Accurate-time banner, etc.

After 2 months of beta program, the final free customers became ~9,800.

Free customers require reasonably a range of resources to support (server sign, enhance, etc.), but there are reasonably a range of potentials to was reasonably a range of oldsters to paid clients.

The commence announcement additionally helps to receive more attention/enhance, which is amazingly treasured!

So, if that which it’s seemingly you’ll well perchance additionally maintain, which it’s seemingly you’ll well perchance additionally honest easy provide some free parts or free tiers of your product!

3. Provide free beta & form in public

It practically feels contaminated to consume into consideration this as marketing, but it in actuality helped me plenty in all places in the two months of running the beta program!

The beta became no longer in actuality “free”, it became an invite-easiest beta. I ask other folks to acknowledge to my tweets to receive an invitation.

So which it’s seemingly you’ll shriek I traded the beta memberships for some Twitter engagements, which translates to more visibility to the product, which translates to marketing!

Here is an example:

Magic Sidebar now can additionally support you:

– Earn tweet inspirations for your next tweet!

– Title your most productive time to tweet

– Bookmark your current other folks to take care of fervent with them

Answer “👋” underneath for an invite code! 😄

This became no longer the most attention-grabbing “marketing” tweet. Truly, I hang a prolonged checklist of 20+ tweets love this in a trim prolonged thread here. Each one shows off a feature and most steadily gets about 100 likes.

With this approach, I became ready to recruit reasonably a range of beta customers, hang visibility for the product even with out a correct marketing landing web page.

4. Things to attain in all places in the commence day

Product Hunt offers me 24 hours to attain no topic I will to receive as mighty attention to the commence as that which it’s seemingly you’ll well perchance additionally maintain. Here is what I did:

As which it’s seemingly you’ll well perchance additionally glimpse, that became reasonably a range of instruct material and activities for a 1-particular person navy. I took about a days sooner than the commence to prepare the final instruct material crucial.

It became heart-broken that there became a extraordinarily standard Web3 product the week I launched, so I misplaced the #1 weekly and month-to-month pains. But I’m very tickled nonetheless and wouldn’t alternate a thing if I had been doing it again.

#2 is lawful enough for me! 😄

Can you copy this marketing approach?

Per chance.

I don’t glimpse something I attain here that can no longer be copied by others, so I mediate which it’s seemingly you’ll well perchance additionally fully attain it.

One thing that will positively support is to hang a lawful product and hang a reach the product’s audience. In my case, I hang an audience on Twitter, and I form a product for Twitter. It’s a supreme match.

Correct luck!

My target for 2022 is to develop Sad Magic to $10K MRR.

On the opposite hand, I will consume things moderately more slowly now that I hang reached righteous and hang lawful habitual earnings.

To be upright, in all places in the commence and the final 2 months running the beta for Magic Sidebar, I became moderately burned out. I enjoyed it, but there’s now not any procedure I will proceed working at that price for a extraordinarily prolonged time 😂

As they stated, entrepreneurship is a marathon.

I’m moderately ashamed for no longer releasing a brand novel update for it for the final 2 months 😅

In 2022, listed below are my priorities:

  • Original updates for DevUtils every 2 months or so.
  • Original parts/enhancements for Sad Magic every week (it’s more uncomplicated to iterate more frequent for web app/SaaS).
  • Doing marketing in between.
  • Tweeting and sharing on my Twitter and this newsletter.
  • Chilling

I hang a prolonged checklist of things in my backlog for every products and I don’t mediate I will ever flee out of things to attain for every of them!

Preserve tuned for a brand novel update for DevUtils in January! 🥳

I hope you discovered a thing or two!

Whereas you happen to love what you read here, please fragment it with your company. I will enormously discover it irresistible!

Until next time! 👊


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    Hello HN,

    I see another post sharing their success micro startups today on HN so I thought I should share mine.

    I started working on this browser extension for Twitter 8 months ago.

    It took 3 months to reach $60/mo, 3 more to reach $400/mo, and 2 more to reach $3K/mo – where I am now.

    When I start, I had 0 followers on Twitter. When it reaches $400/mo, I quit my job. I now live freely from corporate drama and travel as much as I can while building products I love.

    I share my entire journey publicly on Twitter and my newsletter, including revenue, stats, product launch process, and marketing strategies, etc.

    I just want to say that opportunities are everywhere, and it's never easier to start a profitable micro startup to sustain yourself and live an independent life.