Demand HN: Fully Practices for staying in sync with upstream OSS repos

Hi,My team are heavily invested in using a particular open source software project. Since we’re a large org we’ve had to hack the code base to fix up bugs, extend functionality and add entirely new features.Our internal fork breaks down into three categories:1. The base software. 2. Generic improvements to the software that could be…



My crew are heavily invested in the usage of a particular delivery provide instrument venture. Since we’re a tidy org we’ve needed to hack the code imperfect to repair up bugs, prolong functionality and add fully unique elements.

Our internal fork breaks down into three classes:

1. The imperfect instrument.
2. Generic enhancements to the instrument that may perchance perhaps well be historical by other of us.
3. Particular extensions to the instrument which may perchance perhaps be easiest label to our possess organisation (e.g integration with our legacy systems, our commerce management systems)

I’m encouraging our crew to make contributions the generic enhancements (item 2) relieve to the upstream to minimise any maintenance overhead, and right here is working properly.

On the other hand for Item 3, I’m finding it particularly advanced to confidently pull in upstream modifications where we bask in heavily modified the usual implementation. Ideally I’d make a choice to bask in the ability to pull in upstream modifications snappy, without disclose and safely.

Does anybody bask in any strategies, references or patterns to bask in in thoughts for this form of instrument venture?

The instrument is basically Python, with some Java for factual measure.

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