Cytopia: Open-source city simulator with pixel-art graphics

Cytopia: Open-source city simulator with pixel-art graphics

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Cytopia is a free, open source retro pixel-art city building game with a big focus on mods. It utilizes a custom isometric rendering engine based on SDL2.

Current Key Features:

Custom UI System, based on JSON. Highly moddable
SDL2 based rendering engine written in C++
Camera panning, zooming, relocating
Terrain manipulation
Procedural Terrain Generation
Pixel-art graphics made by graphics team lead by Kingtut 101
An original soundtrack, ambient noises, and sound effects made mostly by MB22
A Qt based tile editor for editing TileData JSON files

Planned features:

OpenGL Renderer
Gameplay mechanics
In-Game Mod downloading mechanism
Android / iOS
Scripting language for mods (like LUA)

For code documentation see the projects Doxygen Documentation.

If you have questions or if you want to join the project, visit the Projects Discord Server
If discord is not for you, visit our IRC channel on freenode at #Cytopia

In case you want to support our project on patreon, visit our Patreon Page

Supported Platforms
Linux (clang / g++-5 or higher)

CMake 3.11 or later


Build instructions

Coding guidelines

Work-in-Progress Screenshot

We’re proud to be part of Jetbrains opensource program!

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