CSVCHAIN – NFTs backed by CSV technology

CSVCHAIN โ€“ NFTs backed by CSV technology

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The Raw CSVCHAIN + The Gallery + F.A.Q.

  • Welcome to the CSVCHAIN NFT.
  • All of the NFTs are guaranteed non-fungible and backed by CSV technology.

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How it works

An NFT is a way to let everyone know that you own something digital. That could be a gif, a jpeg, a png, a wav file, or even a power point presentation. By purchasing an NFT you have the right to say that you are the person that purchased that NFT.

At Roy’s Emporium you can mint or purchase NFTs. Our NFTs are recorded and stored using our proprietary CSVCHAIN technology. CSVCHAIN stores transactions, such as purchasing an NFT using a CSV file. All transactions are appended to the CSV file using the echo command and the >> operator, making the CSVCHAIN immutable.

The CSVCHAIN is held in cold storage on this USB drive to ensure its security.

All transactions are manually entered by Roy to minimized mistakes.


How do I buy an NFT from Roy’s?

  1. Send us an email at info@csvchain.com with the name of the NFT you want to buy and the price you’re willing to pay.
  2. We’ll notify the seller and if they agree, send you instructions on how to make the payment of the price and fees.
  3. For new buyers, we’ll send you your private ID key, which is what you need to claim your ownership.
  4. Once your payment successfully processes, the transaction will be added to the CSVCHAIN. Congrats2 you’re the owner of a NFT on the CSVCHAIN!

How do I sell an existing NFT at Roy’s?

Only NFT’s already on the CSVCHAIN can be sold at Roy’s.

Email us at info@csvchain.com and we’ll walk you through the process.

How do I mint a new NFT at Roy’s?

  1. Email us at info@csvchain.com. Include a copy of your digital asset and the minimum sales price you want to set. We’ll send you instruction on how to pay the minting fee.
  2. For new artists, we’ll send you your private ID key, which is what you need to claim your ownership.
  3. Once you’ve paid the minting fee, we’ll create the NFT transaction using our CSVCHAIN technology.
  4. Congrats, you’ve just minted an NFT on the CSVCHAIN!!!

What are the fees associated with the CSVCHAIN at Roy’s NFT Emporium?

  • Purchasing fee: $10 (USD) + 10% of the purchase price.
  • Minting fee: $10 (USD)

Do I need to keep my private ID key secret?

Yes. Your private ID key is like a password. Do not lose it. Do not give it to anyone. If you lose it, you lose your NFTs.

How do I pay with cryptocurrency?

Easy, you just need to convert it to USD first.

Is this for real?


Is this performance art?


Can I really buy or mint an NFT on the CSVCHAIN?


Should I really buy an NFT on the CSVCHAIN?

Probably not. There’s no guarantee that you’ll ever get a return on your money beyond the personal satisfaction of saying that you bought an NFT on the CSVCHAIN.

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  1. Aditya avatar

    My favorite explanation for NFT is currently this:

    Imagine you have a wife and your wife is being drilled by everyone and you can't do anything about it.

    But you do have a marriage certificate.

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    Haha, love it. I wonder if the typo in this line was intentional:
    > All transactions are manually entered by Roy to minimized mistakes.