By Susam Buddy on 12 Mar 2022

There’s a shrimp
comment come by
utility on this online page to fair accumulate comments from guests and
put them on the file system of the fetch server for me to verify
later and submit. This come by is one of essentially the most efficient two things on this
online page that is dynamic in nature. The assorted dynamic share is
the subscription come by.
Everything on this online page assorted than these two things are static in

Mysterious Copies

Most of this online page is made of handcrafted HTML. The weblog posts and
assorted allege material recordsdata are handcrafted HTML pages. A Overall Utter
program provides no longer modern headers and footers to these pages and generates
the HTML pages that are served as static recordsdata via Nginx. The
comment come by, then again, is a dynamic web utility served via
yet one more Overall Utter program that makes deliver of the Hunchentoot web
server to encourage the come by, accumulate the enter submitted by the actual person,
and then task it. This comment come by is a quite straightforward utility
that fulfills the modest requirements of this modest online page somewhat

On the opposite hand, commonly I gaze just a few copies of the identical comment being saved
on my web server. Within the initial days of encountering this bid, I
felt quite pressured. I could per chance presumably presumably rule out a worm in my program by
fastidiously reviewing and testing it. Further, the fetch server logs
clearly showed just a few POST requests being bought by it from the
identical client assuredly with just a few seconds of intervals between the
consecutive requests. The comments regarded as if it could presumably have legit
allege material. Since the duplicate copies would all have the identical comment,
I would arbitrarily purchase one and submit it on my online page. But I
commonly puzzled why on earth correctly which scheme guests would every so often
post the identical comment just a few situations. For fair correct measure? Possibly!
But restful quite unfamiliar!

So What’s the Field?

The thriller of duplicate comment submission remained a puzzle for
a few months. Then in some unspecified time in the future, one of many guests to my online page
contacted me via Twitter messages to say me that my comment come by
was broken and it was no longer working for him.

The conversation started cherish this: “Whats up! The comment come by to your
online page appears to be broken. It says it has accredited my comment but I
don’t have it’s doing that.”

I replied, “Hi! Thanks for contacting me about this bid. What
attach you indicate it does no longer accumulate your comment? End you gaze an error?”

“There’s never the sort of thing as a error. In fact, after submitting, I fetch winning
message that claims, ‘Pronounce was submitted efficiently. It could per chance be
printed after review.'”

“That sounds about honorable. So what’s the bid?”

Within the duration in-between, I conducted some testing at my stay to fetch that the
comment come by looked to be working gentle and not utilizing a apparent disorders.
Further, I chanced on that there had been just a few copies of his comment
saved neatly on the server for me to verify later and submit.

Sooner than I could per chance presumably presumably piece my findings, he persisted, “Effectively, that success
message appears almost straight. It could per chance per chance presumably presumably no longer be storing my comment
efficiently that fleet, could per chance presumably presumably it?”

That is when the thriller unfolded for me! The bid was that the
comment come by accepts the actual person’s comment and returns with winning
message too soon for the actual person to take into consideration that it could presumably presumably have presumably
saved the comment. I even have had just a few assorted very identical
conversations since then when a visitor contacted me via email or
yet one more plot to double-take a look at if my comment come by was in actuality working
gentle. In all of these cases, they had been skeptical about the success
message on narrative of it regarded great sooner than they expected.

Bloated Expectations

To be accurate, I chanced on this trip to be quite strange. The
comment come by on this online page takes anyplace between fifty
milliseconds to some hundred milliseconds to fair accumulate the actual person’s
comment, reserve it efficiently, and then bid winning message to
the actual person. Nonetheless it appears, just a few hundred millseconds is simply too fleet for
many folks in an effort to believe that the comment utility is
essentially doing its job. I presume that they’ve turn into so mature to
attempting ahead to a minimal of a second or more for dynamic pages to load that
a web utility that finishes its job in just a few milliseconds
appears to be fishy.

I had one visitor to my online page even yell, “I in actuality was awaiting a
spinning wheel on the browser tab or some come by of development indicator
to be assured that it’s saving my comment. The instantaneous success
message took me with out warning!” He felt apprehensive that his comment was
no longer saved and resubmitted the comment again.

As a consequence of these conversations, I even have every so often even puzzled
whether or no longer I must restful add some man made delay in the comment
utility sooner than responding with winning message to meet the
expectations of these that are so mature to the bloated web. Of
course, I am no longer going to attain that. That is also silly. I’m going
to help the comment come by in its most modern shape, as sad as
its quickness is also to some users. On the opposite hand, I’m able to’t help but
comment that the users of the fetch this present day have turn into so soft
with the bloated web that a straightforward web utility that is fleet and
responsive makes them apprehensive!

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β€œSimplicity, patience, compassion.
These three are your greatest treasures.
Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.
Patient with both friends and enemies,
you accord with the way things are.
Compassionate toward yourself,
you reconcile all beings in the world.”
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching