Column – a chartered bank for developers

Column – a chartered bank for developers

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Column N.A. Member FDIC

The only nationally chartered bank built to enable developers and builders to create new financial products

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Financial services
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new financial companies had to work through expensive middleware providers that wrapped legacy sponsor banks. These relied upon outdated and limiting core systems.


allows you to get to the bare metal. We are a bank made for developers and we have built our own core, ledger, and data model for the purpose of powering your unique use case, at any scale.

We know the ecosystem very well and Column provides the speed, flexible account model and API-first approach that no one else can. These aspects are essential to building certain products that power our customers’ growth.Henrique Dubugras — Co-Founder and Co-CEO, BrexIn action

The power of a nationally chartered bankin the lightest format possible

Move and hold moneyLeverage Column’s direct connection to the Federal Reserve. Pull and push money to any bank account and create flexible FDIC insured accounts.

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-d description=”Recurring bill”Build a modern card programManage your own card program and optimize interchange revenue. Launch a debit or credit program with any issuer processor.

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-d description=”NeoBankCo Visa Debit Settlement Account”Lend moneyGrow originations faster with bank funding from day one. Become an originating partner and expand your program nationally.

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Why Column

Created by engineers and founders, we built Column from the ground Up to solve our own problem

Close to the metalWe connect directly to the Federal Reserve with dedicated hardware, built our own ledger and core, and don’t use any middleware. We then expose this directly to you.

Efficient complianceWe are a team of experienced compliance experts focused on helping you ship product. We expose tools to give you transparency and visibility into our compliance program and are focused on moving fast and efficiently, no matter the complexity of your program.

Dedicated partnersWe are the only bank that is dedicated to providing services to developers and builders, and nothing else. We do not operate competing programs nor are we distracted by other business lines.

More products

Infrastructure productsbuilt for
developers in the lightest format possible

Credit products

for companies to scale lending programs faster and cheaper

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