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Cognac game is a multiplayer, shooting, metaverse game. It has many game modes, PvP, TDM, Deathmatches and 4v4 matches. The game incorporates realistic environments & gameplay feels close to real life, the maps are designed by taking references and inspiration from monuments, abstract thoughts, abandoned areas and old areas. The game also features a mix of cyberpunk environments with a synthetic retro feel.

It is unique to play and experience, the game size is also pretty small as it’s a Windows game, it’s close to 7GB. It’s okay for now. The game developer, Aditya Gaurav, said that the game will be launched for Windows first, and then after taking user feedback he’ll think about other platforms. The game overall seems like it might be hard for the game to have such good graphics run on low budget machines, but the game is greatly optimized, and it even gives 60+ fps on 720p low on integrated graphics. So, that’s pretty cool enough.

Aditya is also preparing for cognac to run at 60fps 1080p on integrated APUs without degrading any quality of maps. Hopefully, that might be done soon. The game also includes unique features such as real-time changing weather, day simulation, night simulation, sun and moon cycles etc. It is one of the best features that a metaverse game like cognac should include.

Apart from being a feature hub, the game introduces 4 characters, 8 weapons, and some accessories for use in-game, the game is still in continuous development, so we wish it’ll be more upgraded by the time it comes out on Steam.

Cognac is also open for funding, are you want to invest in Cognac, you can contact Aditya at

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