Cognac – World’s First Photorealistic Shooting Metaverse to disrupt the Gaming industry


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Cognac is the first photorealistic shooting metaverse game in the world. Cognac has huge leverage over current games, it can run on 10+-year-old computers easily with AAA 4k graphics seen for the first time in the world.

Cognac is building such a game where we are including the 4 most world-famous game modes, 16v16 large multiplayer fights, and ultra-realistic maps, environments made directly from real-world locations. With real-time weather changes like rain, snow, and sandstorms in gameplay. 

These make Cognac a truly unique multiplayer game with the first time ever graphical fidelity building for the world from India. Please put a like on cognac’s page to support this Indian game –

We’ve signed up for @TheGDWC
awards for best indie game 🤩

I’d love to have your support🥰. All you have to do is click the “Like” button. No need to create an account #indie #indiedev #indiegame #UnrealEngine5 #UnrealEngine

— Aditya Gaurav (@adityagauravkc) November 10, 2022

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3 journalists, including George Miller and 2 others from Western countries, have published about cognac in press and media reports & articles themselves, this is a big opportunity and time of celebration for Cognac’s idea and its fan following across nations and continents.

Go search, “COGNAC METAVERSE” on google and tag us using #CognacMetaverse

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